A Collection of the Best Free Resume Software

With the job market becoming more competitive, you need to make your achievements stand out when you apply. With this list of the best free resume software, you are assured of putting your best foot forward.

OctopusCity Resume Writer

This program makes it easy for you to create a professional looking resume. The application has a lot of options, but it gives you plenty of controls that allow you to get the information you want and where you want to put it. Once the data is the way it should be, just click one button and export the file to your word processing application. You can now print the document with ease. Of course, you can also post it online.

Another reason why this has become one of the best free resume software is that you can add multimedia elements. You can put video, pictures, blogs and more. This program runs on all versions of Windows from Me up to Vista. It also needs Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0.

Intelli Custom Resumes Express Edition

The Intelli Express is not just your average job application builder. It also allows you to create a customized summary of your work. However it goes further than most. With this you can create a list of all your accomplishments by the company you worked for.

But while it adds to the list, it will only send out the appropriate content for your job application form. Its stability is another reason why it is hailed as one of the best free resume software available for download.

To run the application you need Windows XP or Vista. You should also get the Windows Server 2008 and the Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0.

Job Opportunities Recordkeeping Express

One of the difficulties when you apply for jobs is that of keeping tabs on whom to contact. This is where this program helps. Aside from creating professional looking forms, the program saves vital info on each one. This way you won’t get mixed up. You can also keep records for references. You can also print or arrange them like a spreadsheet for easier reading.

My Resume Online

Instead of downloading, this site allows you to post online, making it one of the most convenient and best free resume software around. It doesn’t end with that though. You also get your own Web address, and an email signature. The latter allows prospective employers to have quick access to your bio. You can also attach pictures and there are also statistics. These will show you how many people are actually looking at your profile.

There are also templates for writing cover letters, templates and various resume samples. In addition, there are other vital aspects covered in the site. Among them are advice, how to dress, and behavior. There are also helpful info on how to answer the questions you might be asked.

Because first impressions last, you should not neglect this aspect of your job hunting. With the best free resume software at your disposal, you’ve taken an important step forward.

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