A Guide to Choosing the Best Colors to Wear

Deciding the best colors to wear can be easy or hard, depending on the individual. Some just mix and match the hues they like and that’s perfectly all right. If you’re looking for some ideas though, here are some tips.

Consider the Skin Tone

The skin tone can make a great difference in determining how well the hues complement you. The general rule is that dark skins work well with light hues. Among these are silver, light yellow and creamy white.

If the skin tone is more of a golden brown or tan, consider orange or emerald green. White also looks good and so does beige. Pastel colors in shades of pink, red and blue will look great.

For pale skin, earth tones are the best colors to wear. Because the skin is pale, you shouldn’t wear too bright or pale colors. Using dark browns, reddish brown and various shades of green will be nice.

Hair Color

For rich brown hair, crimson and various dark red shades will look stunning. If you have flowing blonde hair, dark blues and reds will bring out the color even more. Those with whitish hair can opt for aqua blue or turquoise. Black will also look good on light colored hair.

Redheads should wear subdued clothes. Lavender, baby blue and light pink will provide the right touch. Try not to wear loud hues because the hair color is in itself, quite striking.

What is the Season?

Other criteria that could determine your choice of color will surely include the season. Summer is usually associated with bright fun colors. Bright shades of yellow, orange and red are very popular. Bright green, white and pink are also trendy.

For spring, gold shades look very attractive. Deep reds and dark greens are also popular. Navy blue, deep orange and browns work well during the season. For autumn / fall, burgundy, purple and natural or earth colors are recommended.

For winter, pastels look good. Among the popular shades are pink and sky blue. Ice colors like silver, blue and white will be okay provided they are not overused.

Other Ways to Choose the Right Combination

A simple guideline to decide what the best colors to wear is to look at our veins: if they are greenish, warm bright colors will look great. If they are bluish, cool hues will be the right complement.

Keep in mind that some shades look good during any season. Bright red works well during summertime and look great with jeans. But it also looks right in the winter with a deep shade.

Aside from red, purple is another color for all seasons. Usually, they are worn in the fall or winter but they can be worn in summer or spring also. Just be sure to wear something light with it. Blue-green also looks good especially with white. Black is also fashionable anytime.

Ultimately the best colors to wear will be up to you. Don’t be afraid to experiment. After all, what matters is what you think. If you like it, it doesn’t matter what anyone else says.

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