A Rundown of the Best Cell Phones Around Today

The best cell phones in the market have become do it all devices. You may think that you just need a gadget that can make a call but once you get a load of what these models can do, you’ll be wondering how you managed without them.

The iPhone 3G

There are a lot of features crammed into this gadget but it’s best to start with the 3G element. Behind all the technical jargon what 3G really means is faster downloading of data. A file that takes 40 seconds to download on 2G takes 20 with 3G.

Not only can you surf faster but its 3.5 inch multi-touch screen is very clear. The iPhone comes in two types, the 8 GB and the 16 GB. You can store pictures and videos and listen to music. It has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS capabilities, making this not just one of the best cell phones today, but also one of the most popular.

Pantech C610

The Pantech doesn’t just look great with its chrome finish, but also has useful features. Like its other pricier counterparts it is GPS enabled. This feature is handy when you are in unfamiliar territory. It also comes with Bluetooth wireless technology and a 1.3 megapixel camera. If you love videos, the phone comes with Video Share, allowing you to transmit live video. You can also send those that you have recorded too with no problem at all.

Other elements that make this one of the best cell phones today are its expandable memory and a top notch music player. Not only can it identify the most frequent songs you listen to, but it also has a radio. Other extras include text messaging, wallpapers, Internet browsing and many more.

The Samsung Instinct

There are several features that have helped make the Instinct the alternative choice for a lot of users. Its touch screen (3.1 inches) is not just sensitive but also smart enough that you avoid making mistakes like choosing the wrong elements onscreen.

The Instinct also comes with a Web browser that downloads and renders images fast. You can also zoom in on different levels, adding a nice touch. Other reasons why consumers and critics alike have termed it one of the best cell phones is its battery life (5 hours, and it comes with two in the package). It also has GPS capabilities.

W58Oi Walkman

It’s called a Walkman but it is actually a phone. However, it is more than just a phone. It comes with a bright clear screen and can play music. It can also play videos, lets you store pictures and comes with plenty of other extra features and utilities.

But what sets this apart is its health feature. By entering data like height, weight and age it will monitor your walking and running. This can help you because as you walk or run the calories you use up are accounted for. Even better, it can monitor your heart rate.

Gone are the days when you used a telephone to make a simple call. They have become all in one gadgets comparable to miniature computers. Now that you are familiar with the best cell phones in the market, you can start thinking about getting one yourself.

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