Best Ab Exercises to Beat the Bulge

If you’ve been exercising or are otherwise still waging the war against the bulge then you’ve probably gone over several ab exercises. When you work on your abs the idea is not only to firm up and tone your abs but also to build core strength. You should work your abs in a dynamic way to strengthen your rectus abdominis, or what we usually call our six-pack.

We have listed below some of the best ab exercises recommended by experts from the American Council on Exercise and other similar organizations. Take note that it takes more than ab exercises to get rid of the bulge. You’ll have to add proper nutrition and exercise routines that are well-balanced.

Reminders: You may perform each exercise in our list of best ab exercises three to five times a week depending on your fitness level. Before trying these exercises, you ought to check with your doctor. You may choose exercises that are comfortable for you given your fitness level.

Bicycle Crunch: This exercise lands on the top spot of the best ab exercises. A study was made at the San Diego State University that compared abdominal exercises. The bicycle crunch ranked on top for muscle stimulation on the internal and external obliques and the rectus abdominis.

Captain’s Chair: This may rank as the second in the list of best ab exercises, but the variety of exercises you can do on the captain’s chair adds a touch of variety to your work out. When using the captain’s chair, remember to avoid any swinging of your legs just to get the momentum going to bring your legs up. Also, you should keep your knees bent so you focus on your abdominals instead on your hips. You can find the captain’s chair in most gyms or health clubs anywhere.

Crunches on an Exercise Ball: This exercise lands on the number three spot in our list of best ab exercises. The exercise ball acts as a cushion to your back and provides balance to your torso. This makes traditional crunches more effective since you can focus more on your abs as you make each crunch.

Vertical Leg Crunch: The next exercise in our list will require you to raise your legs. When doing a vertical leg crunch it is important that you don’t pull on your neck. Remember that your legs should remain in a fixed position. You may keep your hands to your sides to add balance or use them to support your neck.

Long Arm Crunch: The long arm crunch works like your basic crunch only that you have your arms raised over your head. Your hands should be clasped together with your arms positioned near your ears.

Remember that when you do any of the best ab exercises mentioned here your goal is to not only to firm up and tone your abdominals. Along with toning and firming your rectus abdominis, you should also increase your core strength.

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