Best Daily Deal Sites

Daily deal sites have been around for a long time but have gained more popularity in recent times due to the urgent need for consumers to look for a bargain.  Although discount shopping still involves clipping coupons from the newspapers, writing to manufacturers for extra coupons and getting coupons on items bought, daily deal sites are definitely the way of the future.  These sites make discount shopping easier for consumers by reducing the time spent on a bargain hunt by offering various deals in one place. Essentially, there are three main types of daily deal sites: those that offer one deal per day on only one item, those that offers various deals per day on several items, those that offer one deal per day on only one item but have other types of deals available. is available in North America Oceania and Europe and is a fairly large company that offers one heavily discounted deal per day. Unlike other sites it does not restrict the customer to just that exclusive deal but offers other less discounted deals as well. The “livingsocial” reputation comes from its dedication to provide the best possible deals for customers. The company goes as far as to offer free deals for those customers who get three other people to purchase the same deal using a specified link. is a strict one deal per day site; it does not have other deal options but the one seen on the homepage. Don’t underestimate its potential however; it is a big market player ranking among the top daily deal sites in the United States. This site keeps its customers by offering deals on everyday items and services that attract many people, it also has the added bonus of its discussion board. The discussion board features interesting conversation that draws the visitor in and keeps them coming back not only for the deals but for the discussion as well. is the new kid on the block with big muscles. Its launch in the United States and Canada came in early 2011 with its European and Asian launch expected later that same year. This site offers something extra; it offers many daily deals in your city and facilitates group deals by offering cash for recommending friends to the site or by free deals for having friend purchase items you recommend. This site has great potential and is already a closet favourite of many deal seekers. is one of the biggest group daily deal sites. It was one of the original daily deal sites that focused and still focuses on group deals. This site offers daily deals but its main focus on those deals is to have as many people as possible recommend these deals to friends. It does this by offering the incentive of a free deal to the customer whose three friends buy the same item they did.

Daily deal sites are a win-win for consumers, the site owners and businesses that feature their products and services on these sites. The most vulnerable in this equation however, is the consumer. Always read the fine print and ensure you are in agreement before purchasing.


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