Best Short Jokes Ever to Pull on Telemarketers

Telemarketing is a decent way to make a living. But some pestering telemarketers can be a pain in the neck. How can people get rid of them humorously? Here are some ideas which are also among the best short jokes ever on telemarketers.

Joke for Loan Telemarketers

This is among the best short jokes ever to pull on a telemarketer offering loans. Let us take Luke’s situation for instance. After the agent offers the loan, Luke tells the person what a relief it is because he has just filed for a bankruptcy. Then Luke asks, “How long can I be worry-free about having to pay it back? Or do I really need to? I mean, is it similar to the last loan I had before my bankruptcy?”

From Telemarketers to Being Counselors

How about turning telemarketers into phone counselors? When a telemarketers greets, “How are you doing today?” cut the person short by a barrage of problems one is supposedly having. Such woes can make the best short jokes ever pulled on telemarketers. For instance, tell the person, “I’m glad you asked! I’ve been feeling unloved lately and Laura, the only creature who cared for me, recently died! You might ask who she is? Well, she’s my dog! And I’ve been feeling cold and lonely in this cruel world, till you called up.”

If the agent tries to take the conversation back to sales, just keep on enumerating one’s sorrows in life.

Telemarketing Turned Census and Statistics

When the telemarketer identifies self and the company represented, that’s the time to pull this joke. Ask the person to spell out everything, even the name and address of the company and its exact location. Then ask the name of the manager, owner, director, etc., and have the agent spell out all their names. For sure the agent will notice something odd about it all, but just keep going until they get frustrated.

Long-Time-No-See Telemarketer

After the telemarketer identifies self, pretend to be the person’s long lost friend, with matching voice excitement. For instance, the telemarketer says, “Hello! I’m Ronnie of XYN Services, and I’d like to…”

Cut him short by exclaiming, “Ronnie! I can’t believe this! How are you? Long time no see! Do you remember me, Jack? Way back grade school days? No, kindergarten! We were under Miss Appletorn Bush, our Kindergarten teacher?” And continue with this line of made-up story.

Instead of letting telemarketers mess up the day, why not try these best short jokes ever on them and see how things go.

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