Grilled Chicken with Chili-Lime Sauce: the Best Barbecue Chicken Recipe

One of the most popular and easiest ways of cooking chicken is by grilling. To offer delectable, scrumptious, and tasty dish to friends and loved ones, try the special and best barbecue chicken recipe. Grilled Chicken with Chili-Lime Sauce uses ingredients that can improve the natural taste and flavor of the meat. By purchasing all the ingredients and following the simple steps, the dish can be served in less than an hour.


The ingredients needed for the best barbecue chicken recipe are ½ pound chicken pieces, four garlic cloves, a tablespoon of limejuice, ½ teaspoon ground coriander, 1 ½ teaspoon ground white pepper, two tablespoons fish sauce, two tablespoons soy sauce, a tablespoon of brown sugar, and three tablespoons cooking sherry. For the sauce, you will need ¼ cup of fresh limejuice, two tablespoons fish sauce, two tablespoons brown sugar, ½ teaspoon cayenne pepper, as well as two tablespoons minced onion.


Mix the limejuice, white pepper, ground coriander, fish sauce, and the soy sauce in a bowl. Add the garlic, brown sugar and cooking sherry. Place the meat in another bowl. Pour the mixture over the meat and marinade for at least an hour. Heat the grill. Use skewers to barbecue chicken pieces. Brush them with the leftover mixture. When juices start to become clear, turn the meat over and cook the other side. Cook each side for at least 10 minutes. Make sure that the chicken pieces are well done. Remove them from the grill and place in a clean plate. Garnish with a teaspoon of chopped parsley or celery.

Get a small bowl. Pour the limejuice in the bowl. Add the fish sauce and brown sugar. Stir the mixture and add the minced onion and cayenne pepper. Use a teaspoon to taste the sauce. Add ½ teaspoon of sugar to make the sauce sweeter. Serve the dish with the sauce.


Avoiding flare-ups is very important when grilling chicken. To prevent flare-ups, remove excess fat from the meat before grilling and avoid putting too much sugar in the marinade. Use a meat thermometer to determine if chicken is already cooked. Remember to set the grill to low heat in order to cook the inner portion of the meat and avoid burning the outer portion. The meat temperature should be 170 degrees Fahrenheit before removing from the grill. To compliment this delectable and mouth-watering dish serve it with a garden salad, mashed potato, or plain rice.

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