Have Fun and Enjoy Listening to These Best Yo Mama Jokes

Jokes are good because they can lighten up people even during some of their worst days. They can easily put a smile in anybody’s face. Furthermore, they can turn a room filled with dull and serious people into a room filled with joy and laughter. For those who find jokes fun and interesting, particularly those about mothers, here are some of the best yo mama jokes ever created.

“Yo mama’s so fat and dark, she jumped in the ocean and they thought she was an oil spill.”

This particular joke makes fun of another person’s mother by calling her fat and dark. Add to that, she is compared to an oil spill in water, which looks dark and ugly. She is also described as too fat, which cover a huge space in the ocean. Furthermore, she looks like an oil spill especially when viewed from up above.

“Yo mama’s breath is so bad, when she yawns, her teeth duck!”

This joke is an insult to another person’s mother by focusing on her bad breath. Here, the breath is so bad that even her very own teeth duck in order to avoid it. With just a simple yawn, imagine how bad that breath really is, considering how it caused the teeth to duck.

“Yo mama’s so ugly, when she gets up, the sun goes down!”

This one tells how the mother of another person looks bad. Accordingly, her ugliness has caused the sun to go down starting from the very moment that she wakes up in the morning. In this joke, the sun goes down in order for it not to see her face.

“Yo mama’s so fat she uses a mattress for a tampon.”

Another insulting joke, this one makes fun of another person’s mother by emphasizing her fatness. It exaggerates fatness by stating that a mattress is used instead of a tampon. The exaggeration is obvious, which makes it funnier. Just imagine the huge difference between the size of a regular tampon and a mattress.

“Yo mama’s so fat she had to take a bath in the lake.”

For those who wish to make a joke about the fatness of your opponent’s mother, this is truly a good one. Here, the mother is said to take a bath in a lake, which is the only place that can accommodate her huge frame. It also shows that she is too fat not to fit inside a comfort room.

“Yo mama’s so old she’s blind from the big bang.”

Unlike the previous jokes, this one ridicules another person’s mother by referring to her as too old. In fact, she is described as blind due to old age.

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