How to Best Remove Abdominal Weight

The best way to lose abdominal weight involves more than spending hours in the gym or going from one medication to another. The following workout / diet plan will be sufficient provided it is done correctly.


There are many types of aerobic exercises. You can just follow the programs you see on TV or buy a video. The important thing to remember about aerobics is to do it for at least thirty minutes, preferably an hour five times a week. The reason is that in the first twenty minutes or so you will only improve your cardiovascular system but won’t lose fat. In order for this method to be one of the best ways to lose abdominal weight, 30 to 60 minutes is needed.

Weight Training

This area of your workout should not be neglected either. You can enroll in a gym if you like but a couple of dumbbells will be sufficient for starters. There are many ways you can lift weights; standing up, sitting down or lying down. Unlike aerobics this can be done three times a week. You will be working up a sweat here which is good and it can also tone your body shape. Remember to consult your physician first before lifting any heavy weights, especially if you have eye impairment (lifting too much weight can stress the eyes).

Reduce Junk Food and Sweets

The best way to lose abdominal weight involves more than just exercise; diet is an essential part as well. There are many diet options but it is best to stick to the basics. Restrict your intake of foods with high carbohydrates. You can still eat meat but keep the sizes small (i.e., for a meal have one piece the size of your closed fist). If you want to eat chicken, remove the skin.

Eliminate sugary foods like cakes, chocolates and donuts from your meals. Avoid foods with lots of fats and stick to those with low sugar. It is important that you consume foods high in fiber and protein but low in carbohydrates.

Eat Smaller Portions

Eating several small meals is certainly one of the best ways to lose abdominal weight. If you are used to eating three meals a day, make it 4 or even 6 small meals. Not only will this keep you from going hungry, but eating in small portions will help remove the feeling of being too full. This often occurs when you wolf down a huge meal especially at night.

Reduce Stress

It has been shown that exercise not only helps you lose unwanted pounds but working out secretes substances that help people feel alert and more lively. It is also a fact that working out can help fight stress. Other ways to avoid anxiety is to learn a new hobby or hang out with friends. This way you have other means of combating pressure without resorting to comfort foods like chocolate chips.

There are and will continue to be many claims as to what is the best way to lose abdominal weight. But through regular exercise and dieting, losing those love handles will be easy and in due time, even fun and invigorating.

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