How to Make the Best Beef Burger

Cooking the best beef burger is relatively quick and simple. All it takes is to combine the right ingredients with the right knowledge in order to create this tasty and sumptuous dish. This particular delicacy is perfect for snacks, social gatherings and other special events. Within half an hour, people can make their dining experiences more memorable by serving such simple yet super delicious dish.


Good for six people, the ingredients for this best beef burger recipe include one large tomato, cut into thin slices. At least six leaves of romaine lettuce are also needed to complete this super enticing dish. For added taste, prepare horseradish, ¼-teaspoon of salt and 1½-teaspoons of ground black pepper. The hamburger buns are also very important so prepare at least six of them, preferably those with sesame seeds. Get some fresh rosemary leaves and then chop them. Set aside at least 3-tablespoons of these chopped rosemary leaves. Dijon mustard is also part of this special treat. Prepare at least 3-tablespoons of it. Mince the shallot and then set aside ¼-cup. More importantly, 2 pounds of ground sirloin is also necessary.


Before cooking this special dish, be sure to wash your hands properly. Using a large clean bowl, place the salt, pepper and rosemary leaves. Of course, do not forget the Dijon mustard, shallot and ground sirloin. When all of these are gathered together, mix them thoroughly until all the right ingredients are blended well with one another.

Get the mixture and form it into six different burger patties. Each of these must be at least an inch thick for beefier, juicier and flavor-rich results. Set the stove on medium high heat. Place the skillet on top of it. Pour at least two teaspoons of cooking oil. When the oil is hot, place the patties inside. Be sure to allot spaces in between the patties. Cook one side for at least six to eight minutes before turning the other side. If the desired doneness is not yet achieved, allow the patties to stand for at least a couple of minutes more.

Take the patties off the pan. Pour the juices and oil out of the pan and then return it on the stove. Use it to toast the burger buns for a crunchier and more appetizing result. Toast the outer part of the buns for at least a couple of minutes. After this, set them on top of a clean serving plate. Place one patty for every burger bun. Likewise, add a slice of tomato, romaine lettuce and horseradish on each burger before serving.

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