How to Make the Best Burger

Learning how to make the best burger is quite easy, especially with the proper knowledge and the availability of all the right ingredients. Comprised of nicely toasted burger buns, juicy, beefy, and tender patties, as well as other fresh ingredients, this dish is definitely one of the best tasting in the world. Follow these quick and simple rules and experience the pleasant goodness of this special hamburger dish right inside your homes.

Ingredients and Materials Needed

The important ingredients needed to learn how to make the best burger are the hamburger buns, cheddar cheese, and ground beef, preferably 80 percent lean. A toaster also comes in handy, which will be used later on to make the buns more enticing. To give the dish more flavors, bring in a tablespoon of mayonnaise, a tablespoon of ketchup, and one teaspoon of mustard. Meanwhile, a little amount of cinnamon, oregano, and basil are also very important to add more pleasant taste and additional flavors. Additionally, a pinch of salt, a sprinkle of pepper, and minced garlic are also needed to complete the list of important ingredients to cook this specialty.


The very first thing that people must take care off when learning how to make the best burger is the patties. Simply mix the garlic and minced onions with the lean ground beef. To add more flavor, put small amounts of bacon before placing the mixture inside the refrigerator. Leave it for at least an hour and a half. After that, take out the mixture and start forming the patties. For a tastier and more satisfying result, a grill is nicer cooking equipment for this particular dish.

After all the basic ingredients are right in place, it is now time to knead the special herbs right into the patties. Put some garlic, salt, and pepper on every side of the patties, then add some cinnamon and basil as well. When this is done, prepare the cooking equipment by heating up the grill. When it is hot enough, place the frying pan on top of it and then pour a significant amount of olive oil. Upon heating up, place the burger patties right into the pan. Make sure that there is sufficient space between the patties to maintain the right temperature that will accommodate the cooking process. Leave each side to cook for at least four to five minutes, depending on the preferred texture and color.

While the patties are being cooked, start toasting the buns. Add some cheese on top of the patties within a minute or less before taking them out of the pan. When the cheese melts, get a nice clean plate and then open the burger buns in half. Place one patty inside every bun, and then add a slice of tomato and lettuce on top of it. After that, also add some mustard, mayonnaise, and ketchup for a flavor-rich hamburger. When doing this, be sure not to overcook the burger because this may compromise the overall quality as well as the taste of the dish.

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