Ideas for the Best Halloween Couple Costumes

Sure, you can buy getups in stores, but quite often, the best Halloween couple costumes are those that are homemade. If you are tossing around a few ideas, here are some suggestions to help you and partner find that ideal couple costume.

Baby Boy and Baby Girl

Since the occasion is mostly meant for kids, why not go further and dress up as toddlers? This is very easy to do and will work great for married folks or teens. All you will need are pajamas, a rattle, a baby bottle and other baby toys. The baby boy clothes can be blue, while for the girl it can be pink. For even funnier results, get a pacifier and clip it to your shirt.

Mario and Luigi

Some of the best Halloween couple costumes draw inspiration from video game characters. To dress up like Mario and Luigi, you just need to, well, dress up like them. That is, get some blue overalls, a bright red shirt, a cap, gloves (white), shoes (light or dark brown). For Luigi you just change the red to green and the overalls to black or dark brown. If you or your partner wants to be Wario, the shirt is yellow and the overalls purple.

To complete the getup, wear a fake moustache or draw one with an eyeliner.


If you and your spouse fancy dressing up like a biker dude and chick, you can do so easily. Of course, you need to have essentials like black leather jackets, black pants (leather preferably, but denim will do), black gloves and black boots or shoes. To really stand out and be among the best Halloween couple costumes in the party, wear a bandana, and add some tattoos.

If you do not want any permanent tattoos, there are some that come off. If you are the artistic type, you can even paint it. Don’t forget the shades and chokers.

Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

For the wolf man, get some old faded jeans and tear a hole around the knee. Now take any furry or hairy type material (like those in stuff toys for example) and sew them onto the pants. Get a shirt (any color) and make a hole at the back and chest area. Again sew the furry material. For the hands, you can take some old gloves and make holes there and put the fur on.

For Little Red Riding Hood, you will need a skirt, a hood, a basket of goodies / fruits, and shoes. Naturally, they should all be red.

Barbie and Ken

The best Halloween couple costumes come from the amount of creativity you put in. In the case of Barbie, you just need a wig (blond), pink dress and pink shoes / high heels. However you can add more to the getup. For example, add some pink lipstick or style the hair the same as Barbie and Ken.

Dracula and the Witch

Of course, you and your spouse can also dress up like the Count and a witch. For the Count you just need a black tuxedo, black pants and a sheet for a cape. For the witch any flowing black dress will do and the pointed cap can be made with paper mache.

For the best Halloween couple costumes you don’t need to spend a lot of money. You just need to be a little creative, plus you get to have fun in the process while making your outfits.

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