Navigating Your Way to the Best GPS

They used to be nothing more than fancy tech toys. Now there are so many of these devices it can be hard to find the right one. To help you, here is a list of the best GPS for you to choose from.

The Garmin Nuvi 205

What makes the Nuvi 205 unique is that while it is priced low, its features are characteristic of higher priced models. For example if you are not sure of your exact position the device will produce images of the buildings in the area, helping you get a sense of where you are. To make things even easier you have the option of downloading images of the place you are going to.

Another nice feature is the ability to download traffic updates, allowing you to prepare in advance. Speed is what separates the best GPS from the rest and the Nuvi 205 certainly delivers. If you just want a no frills device that works the Nuvi 205 will suit you.

The Navigon 7200T

The Navigon comes with several performance enhancements that make traveling easier. It comes with text to speech features. The voice command allows you to input addresses by speaking. It can also calculate your destinations fast and detects congested areas.

The Navgion 7200T is also multidestination enabled. It can spot incidents ahead of your location, and includes a list of important buildings. Among them are banks, automated tellers, gas stations and more. Even better is the fact that tourist attractions are also added in. Of course, this wouldn’t be one of the best GPS if it didn’t have high quality maps. It doesn’t just show buildings in 3D but also street names, estimated time of arrival and directions for roadside assistance.

The Garmin 760

The Garmin 760 supports text to speech, making movement easier. You can also plot your route with points as it supports multidestination. It is also one of the fastest when it comes to routing. The ability to locate your car when you can’t spot it in the parking lot will also be appreciated by drivers. There are other bundled extras including an mp3 player to accompany you during the ride.

The Magellan Maestro 4370

The Maestro is another product that lives up to its name. Its 6 million interest points and OneTouch interface make it one of the best GPS devices today but there is more. Although it comes with several features it is customizable. For example you can specify the streets or turnpikes you are going to take. The Maestro is also able to calculate the distances, giving you an idea of which route is the quickest and what to avoid.

Traffic alerts are given in real time, and the Detour feature gives you other road options. Although it is used mostly in cars it has routes for cabs, bicycles, ambulances and pedestrians. Of course it has location and info for airport, restaurants and areas of interest.

Getting to your destination has become easier with these navigation devices. With the best GPS gadgets you also get a host of other features that make traveling much easier and more enjoyable.

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