Some of the Best Coffee Makers

Drinking hot cups of coffee can truly be a pleasurable experience for everyone. Using the right tools and equipment, people can brew super delicious coffee in no time. Primarily, these products are durable, lightweight and highly efficient for various occasions. Whether just a simple breakfast or a special gathering, things are much easier and more convenient especially with the help of some of the best coffee makers available today.

36-Cup Automatic Stainless Steel Coffee Maker from Farberware

Available within the price range of $120 to $160, the 36-Cup Automatic Stainless Steel product from Farberware is highly dependable and efficient in brewing quality coffee. As one of the best coffee makers today, this product is 12.25 inches in width, 16 inches high and weighs 7 pounds. For easier use and handling, it comes with a special pause-and-serve feature. It runs on a maximum power of 1150 watts. Available in silver color, it comes with a built-in grinder and can produce up to 36 cups of coffee.

French Press 0103 6-Cup Coffee Maker from Frieling USA Inc.

Produced by Frieling USA Inc., the French Press 0103 is a wonderful product that can brew six cups of coffee. This product is quite simple, stylish and very easy to use. Furthermore, people can use it for various events such as for home use or even for camping out. Its water tank size is measured at 23 ounces. Prices for this special item run from as low as $63 to $67 only.

The Dualit 84038 with 10-Cup Capacity

The midsize Dualit 84038 can produce up to 10 cups of coffee. With prices set somewhere around $88 to $100, this item is 7.09 inches in width, 9.84 inches high and 8.67 inches deep. Because it only weighs 3 pounds, people can bring them almost anywhere. With a maximum power of 890 watts, it comes with a special warming surface for faster heating.

Bunn MCP

A high quality coffee equipment, Bunn MCP is perfect for making espresso as well as for regular home use. The product is quite fast, durable and very efficient in producing good cups of coffee. Its width is measured at 7.75 inches, height at 12.44 inches and depth at 10.63 inches. Because of its lightweight and compact design, it only weighs 9.75 pounds. The size of its water tank measures 40 ounces, which is good produce at least a large cup of coffee. The price for this item is set somewhere in between $239 to $439. It comes with a special 3-year warranty for total customer satisfaction. Maximum power is set at 1450 watts.

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