Some of the Best Credit Cards Today

With the help of credit cards, people can manage their finances much better instead of keeping cash. By applying for some of the best credit cards today, they can now enjoy numerous benefits such as special cash backs, gift certificates, and frequent flyer points. More importantly, some of these special payment tools come with zero percent interest rates, which work perfectly well for users.

Pr1macard Prepaid MasterCard

One of the best credit cards today is Pr1macard Prepaid MasterCard. Those who wish to apply for this one are guaranteed a hundred percent approval. This hassle-free credit service does not require employment certifications as well as credit checks. Its special security features allow users to shop safely even online. Under its terms, direct deposits are also allowed. When shopping at favorite malls and supermarkets, consumers are in-stored for special cash backs. It can be reloaded in more than 75,000 stores. The maximum balance set for this card is $500. Furthermore, it does not come with annual fees and regular annual percentage rates. With the help of this one, people can avoid going into debt, book at first-class hotel rooms, and purchase gifts.

First PREMIER Bank Gold MasterCard/Visa

For high quality and hassle-free service, people can apply for First PREMIER Bank Gold MasterCard/Visa, which is one of the widely accepted cards worldwide. Interested individuals are very much welcome to apply. The customer service is really great, plus it has low annual percentage rates for purchases, which start at 9.9 percent. Minimum finance charges are set at $0.50 only.

American DreamCard MasterCard

Because of the numerous advantages that it provides, many consumers find the terms of American DreamCard MasterCard quite interesting. For each $1 purchase, users earn a single entry, which is part of the exclusive Pooled Rewards program. The more consumers shop, the more their chances to earn special points and entries. On a monthly basis, this one offers huge jackpots to lucky cardholders. Regular annual percentage rates start for as low as 14.99 percent. By applying for this one, people can be safe from fraud, and users are not liable for transactions that are unauthorized. More importantly, its guidelines are very much flexible, which work greatly in favor of consumers.

Citi Platinum Select Card

The terms of Citi Platinum Select Card are very interesting. With constant usage, cardholders are entitled to free merchandise, special travel packages and deals, as well as discounts on gift cards. Moreover, users are not held liable for unauthorized purchases. It also protects people from various kinds of fraud, particularly identity theft. It has no annual fee, while regular annual percentage rates are set at 8.74 percent only.

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