Some of the Best Hearing Aids

Hearing loss is an impairment that causes people utmost discomfort and inconvenience. Individuals who have this problem just cannot function normally. Furthermore, the manners by which they live are greatly affected as well. To solve these problems, people can avail some of the best hearing aids. Here is a look at some of the safest, most advanced and highly efficient products available today.

HearPod III

Released by HearPod Inc., HearPod III is an advanced hearing apparatus that aims to alleviate people from the discomforts of hearing loss. It has automatic directional microphones for clearer and better sound quality. Add to that, users can customize this special product depending on their needs. Thanks to its open fit design, it offers perfect fit to various kinds of users. More importantly, this product is really of high quality, which is guaranteed to last for a very long time. Estimated price is $695.


From Phonak, Exelia is a top-of-the-line hearing apparatus that comes with My Pilot and I-Com. As one of the best hearing aids available today, the price of this particular product runs from as low as $2,500 to $3,500. It can also be connected to iPods and other state-of-the-art music players. Moreover, the special Bluetooth feature gives users instant connectivity to cell phones. It also comes with a remove control for added convenience and ease of use.

Oticon Epoq

Oticon Epoq is a premium digital hearing apparatus with numerous advantages. This product is automatic. It also lowers the level of noise from the background for purer and better sound quality. More importantly, the volume of incoming sounds can be adjusted easily. The special Bluetooth feature is very important, as it connects this product to other mobile devices for added comfort and convenience. Wireless communication has never been this easy especially with the aid of Oticon Epoq.

Audeo IX

Another quality product from Phonak, the Audeo IX is available for the price of $2,000 to $3,200. One of the highly advanced instruments today, this product is great even for individuals who have high frequency hearing loss. It is highly comfortable to use. With a bevy of amazing colors to choose from, users are guaranteed to look stylish. More than anything else, background noises are reduced significantly for better sound quality. The designs are also very cool, which are better compared to other regular products.

EzPod Canal

Also from HearPod Inc., EzPod Canal is another remarkable product, which can easily fit even large ear canals. It comes with instructional videos, soft pillow tips and custom programming. Its other notable features include sophisticated sound profiles, adaptive feedback control, and adaptive noise control. The average price for this product is $495 only.

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