Some of the Best Mutual Funds in the World

During a time of financial crisis, people find it hard to choose where to put their money. Because of the instability of many business entities, companies and corporations today, they must place their financial resources on things that can guarantee them bigger returns and higher incentives. By investing in some of the best mutual funds, people can easily avoid the negative aspects of the recession as well as grow their money and financial resources continuously.

Loomis Sayles Bond (LSBRX)

When it comes to bond funds, Loomis Sayles Bond is easily one of the best mutual funds in the world today. This multisector bond has posted a 52-week high $14.52 in the past, while its 52-week low is $9.56. For the past 10 years, its annual returns averaged 10 percent, which outperformed the entire stock market. It has a flexible mandate, aggressively looking at some of the best bond deals available worldwide. One of its major focuses is Canada, because it runs trade surpluses and reduces debts. Some of its other targets are New Zealand and South Africa, which are huge commodity exporters.

Bridgeway Aggressive Investors 2 (BRAIX)

Run by impressive fund manager John Montgomery, Bridgeway Aggressive Investors 2 features computer-driven and comprehensive stock market models. For years, this group has been focusing on all-important variables like risk measurements and financial ratios. It is currently investing on companies and corporations of varying sizes. Its overall rating is very impressive. Its stock price is currently listed somewhere around 9.89.

Legg Mason Opportunity Trust (LMOPX)

Generally, the operations of Legg Mason Opportunity Trust are described as unconstrained, which have various similarities with that of hedge funds. This group prefers to purchase currencies and commodities, as well as sell overvalued companies short. Right now, its focus is on the steel industry, driven by major factors like global consolidation and structural change. Behind this move, the fund expects to boost cash flow and minimize cyclicality. It also tries to invest in the stocks of homebuilding groups such as Pulte and Centex.

T. Rowe Price Emerging Markets Stock (PRMSX)

Run by top executive Chris Alderson, T. Rowe Price Emerging Markets Stock is a highly successful group within a class of volatile assets. It focuses on steadily growing stocks, which sell at good prices. Furthermore, it likes to invest in developing economies because of three major factors, namely strong currencies, minimized debts and consistent fiscal policies. The infrastructure companies in India as well as banking companies in Mexico and Brazil are amongst its targets.

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