Some of the Best Video Game Cheats of All Time

By knowing the best video game cheats of all time, gamers can be as dominant as ever while playing against their friends. These codes are relatively easy, which only takes a few simply push of buttons to execute. Things are definitely more fun, exciting and enjoyable with the help of these special hidden cheats. Some of the usual changes associated with these tricks include enhanced abilities, improved scores, and special graphics.

Contra for the Nintendo Entertainment System

Released by Konami for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Contra owns one of the most popular and best video game cheats in the history of gaming. It takes several rhythmic push of buttons to execute this trick. By pushing up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, the B button, the A button, select, and then start, the usual three lives given to each player can instantly turn into a whopping 30 lives. Thanks to this treat, beating up the aliens and other opponents are much easier for everyone.

Doom II for PC

For people who prefer to play in front of their PCs, Doom II is a highly recommended game for adults and is one of the pioneer first-person-shooter titles in the history of gaming. Developed by id Software, players can gain instant access to various kinds of guns by typing on their keyboards the letters IDKFA. These include chainsaws, plasma guns and shotguns. Meanwhile, typing the same letters all over again easily refills the guns of gamers. On the other hand, those who wish to walk through walls can just type the characters IDCLIP on their keyboards. To make a character indestructible, all it takes is to push IDDQD.

Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness for PC

Surely one of the most popular games for PC, Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness owns some of the coolest and easiest cheats in the world of gaming. By pushing the ‘enter’ key, a message field pops up instantly on the computer monitor. There, players can enter whatever cheat codes they like. By typing ‘Unite the Clans,’ players easily win the particular challenge. By typing ‘Make It So,’ the construction of the buildings becomes much faster. Another important trick that players need to know for this particular game is ‘Glittering Prizes,’ which can earn loads of oil, wood, and gold.

Tomb Raider for PC

Developed by Core Design Ltd. for PC, Tomb Raider is a highly popular game that features simple and easy to execute cheats. To skip difficult levels, players need to hold the ‘Shift’ button while making the character step forward once, one backward step and then rotate three times clockwise. After that, simply push the ‘Alt’ button while jumping forward to complete the command. To expose all sorts of weapons, perform the very same steps except that of the final part. Instead of pushing ‘Alt’ button while jumping forward, push ‘Alt’ button while jumping backward.

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