Some of the Best Wii Games

Definitely one of the leading videogame consoles today, Nintendo Wii is very enjoyable, fun, and exciting to play. With a wide variety of impressive games to choose from, the possibilities are endless for everyone. There are numerous strategy games, sports games, and arcade games available, plus games of other genres like fighting, adventure, and action. Here is an in-depth look at some of the best Wii games available today.

Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

Certainly one of the best Wii games today, ‘Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga’ was released by Lucas Arts Entertainment in 2007. This game is wonderful as it combines the different exciting elements and scenarios from the six installments of the Star Wars movie. Throughout the duration of the game, players will face various types of situations, which can challenge their sense of teamwork. More importantly, the game also challenges them to think creatively in order to surpass the different stages of the game. To make things more exciting, they can also customize their characters that would fit their unique styles of plays. Additional features include renewed levels, exciting power ups, and other special powers.

Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures

Under the adventure category, ‘Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures’ is a fascinating game that people will surely love. Released by Lucas Arts Entertainment in 2008, players can create, alter, as well as enhance different kinds of unique game characters. As the game progresses, gamers can unravel up to 60 hidden characters, all of which have unique skills and capabilities. Furthermore, they can also use the whip that the major character uses, just like in the movies. They can also perform different kinds of moves, ranging from the most basic down to the most complex ones such as climb, swim, and use multiple weapons.

My Word Coach

For people who love arcade games, they can buy ‘My Word Coach,’ which was released by UBI Soft in 2007. The game is basically simple, and is suitable for players ages 5 and up. There are numerous challenges available. Up to five different players can play all at the same time. Upon finishing particular activities and challenges, there are corresponding rewards and points. It also helps people evaluate their level in terms of vocabulary.

Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout

Another quality product from UBI Soft, ‘Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout’ allows players to sweat it out while enjoying the same high quality fun and excitement that other Wii games provide. Released in 2009, the game offers players different kinds of challenges to choose from, including running and cardio boxing. It also allows them to monitor how much calories they have burned while playing. Furthermore, some of the game levels adjust automatically depending on the fitness needs of the players.

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