Some of the Coolest and Best Gifts for Guys

Although equal in all aspects, men and women have different preferences especially when it comes to gifts. Men prefer more the latest products of technology, while women always go for things and special items that are related to fashion. Some products that guys like to receive as presents include digital cameras, automobiles and speakers. For non-techie individuals, chocolate bars can also serve as nice gifts for men. To understand more what things can easily bring utmost satisfaction to men, here is a short feature on some of the coolest and best gifts for guys.

Exilim EX-F1 Camera from Casio

At the price of more or less $1,000, men just cannot resist the Exilim EX-F1 Camera from Casio. Perfect for adventurous and fun-loving individuals, they can easily bring this product whenever they want. One of its major features is the capacity to capture photographs of fast moving objects like buses, trains or even running people. Additionally, it also has other amazing features such as face detection, best shot mode and image stabilization. Furthermore, this product can also shoot high-speed videos. The 2.8-inch super clear LCD, optical zoom of up to 12 times and 6-megapixels capacity are also very impressive.

Chocolate Bars from Vosges

Perfect for individuals who love to eat, Vosges has released a variety of sumptuous and delicious chocolate bars to choose from, which is truly one of the best gifts for guys. With an estimated price of $7.50 per bar, popular variants include the Gianduja bar, d’Oliva bar and Naga bar. For those who love hazelnuts and almonds, the Gianduja bar is the right one to give. On the other hand, individuals who go for chocolates with deep flavors can have the delightfully tasty Naga bar. Another remarkable flavor available is a unique combination of chocolate and bacon.

MP3 500 Scooter from Piaggio

Another excellent gift for fun-loving individuals, anyone will surely love the MP3 500 Scooter from Piaggio. The product is beautiful, colorful and trendy. For the price of more or less $8,899, men are guaranteed to be satisfied with this wonderful ride. Its features include a couple of front wheels and one rear wheel. A gallon of gasoline can reach an amazing distance of up to 60 miles. In terms of speed, this remarkable vehicle can run at 90 miles per hour.

Kindle Reader from Amazon

For guys who love to read, the Kindle Reader from Amazon is primarily an e-book reader. With the help of this product, reading electronic documents is no longer a problem. Because of its portability, people can bring them wherever and whenever they want. Available for the price of $359, this gadget is perfect for businesspersons and other individuals who are always on the go.

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