The Amazing NBA Best Crossovers

Year after year, the National Basketball Association, or simply the NBA, gathers special plays and highlights that are surely fun to watch. Although basketball is considered one of the top sports in the world today, it continuously grow in terms of popularity, thanks to these wonderful plays and special moves that leave fans and spectators in awe as they watch the NBA game after game. Here are some of the most amazing NBA best crossovers.

Anfernee Hardaway of the Orlando Magic Versus Reggie Miller of the Indiana Pacers

At the height of his career, Hardaway embarrassed opponents with his savvy playmaking skills, tough defensive plays, and lightning-quick moves. On the other hand, Miller, who is known more for his offense rather than his defense, was left vulnerable in this particular highlight reel. While on a fast break play, Hardaway used his speed, creativity, and agility to move past Miller and other defenders. When Hardaway made the crossover move, Miller’s lack of quickness left Hardaway free for an easy, smooth, and nice looking layup.

Tim Hardaway of the Miami Heat Versus Jason Kidd of the Dallas Mavericks

A seasoned veteran during this time, Hardaway was way above the skills of then-rookie Kidd. Known for his signature move called the ‘killer crossover,’ Hardaway dribbled left and right as he read the defense of the opponents. With Kidd in front of him, Hardaway used his lightning quick move that left defenders dumbfounded as to whether he was going left or right. The result was a beautiful layup and easy two points for Hardaway as he moved past Kidd and the rest of the Dallas Mavericks.

Stephon Marbury of the Phoenix Suns Versus Yao Ming of the Houston Rockets

Although Marbury and Yao play different positions in the NBA, this particular scene remains one of the most exciting and fun-to-watch NBA best crossovers. As the ball moved from one side of the floor to another, a sudden switch in defensive assignments happened that left Yao to guard Marbury at the top of the key. Although the 7 feet 5 inches tall Yao towered over the much smaller Marbury, quickness proved to be much better in this play than height. In an effort to pass through his defender, Marbury moved a little right, a little left, and then moved backed to the right once again that left Yao’s body wiggling as he tried to defend his smaller opponent. Because of his failure to defend Marbury’s quickness, the outbalanced Yao fell on the floor, leaving the wide-open Marbury for a layup.

Allen Iverson of the Philadelphia 76ers Versus Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls

There is no denying that Jordan remains one of the best NBA players of all time. With six NBA championship rings and a number of scoring titles behind his belt, Jordan proves to be far much better than the then-rookie Iverson. However, this play did not reflect the facts. Instead, the lightning-quick Iverson crossed over the biggest name in basketball history. At the top of the key, Iverson faked a crossover move to check whether Jordan would bite to it. After that, Iverson went a little left and then made his way back to the right that left him defenseless and wide open for a mid-range jumper.

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