The Best Cheat Codes in the World of Gaming

For those who are not that into video gaming jargon, a cheat code is simply a sequence of commands or steps or a password that can be inputted in a game and provide some sort of advantage for the player. During the early days of video gaming, cheat codes within video games were a rarity as they are an afterthought for the game developers. However, due to the increasing popularity of video gaming across a wide range of demographics, cheat codes being encoded into video games is now a given and one will be hard-pressed to find a video game containing no cheat codes.

In the history of video gaming, there are cheat codes that have been memorable and even more popular than the games that they were from. Here are some of the best cheat codes that have surfaced throughout the history of video gaming and have cemented the cheat code as a staple feature of video games.

Cheat Codes in Blizzard Entertainment Games

Games from Blizzard Entertainment contain some of the best cheat codes in all of gaming. This is because the cheat codes contained in them are among the most memorable and popular in the realm of video games. Ask any gamer what ‘operation cwal’ or ‘cow level’ is and it is likely that they know what they are and their purpose. For the uninitiated, the two cheat codes are from two of Blizzard Entertainment’s games StarCraft and Diablo. The cheat code ‘operation cwal’ was for use in StarCraft, and when inputted, it allowed the player to build structures and units quickly in the game. ‘Cow level’ on the other hand is the name for a set of cheat codes found within StarCraft and Diablo. Typing ‘there is no cow level’ in StarCraft will give one an instant win in a match or mission. Diablo II on the other hand, features an actual cow level – a level populated with upright-standing scythe-wielding cows! The level is accessible by finishing the game and by combining some of the player’s items.

The Konami Cheat Code

Possibly one of the best cheat codes in all of gaming’s history, the Konami Code has been touted as the classic cheat code by most that are into gaming. It has become one of the best cheat codes ever because of its iconic button sequence that most are familiar with and its wide range of uses.

The sequence that must be inputted so as to activate it is as follows: in the directional button, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A. It is called the Konami Code because it can be used in most of Konami’s popular titles. Its most popular usage are those in the Nintendo Entertainment System game Gradius, where it gives the player ‘powerups’ or upgrades that will make one more powerful in-game, and in the game Contra, where it can be used to give the player additional lives. Its wide range of uses across different games made it one of the most popular and the among the best cheat codes of all time.

These are considered to be the best cheat codes not only because they were popular back in their day but also because they have been etched into the memories of gamers all throughout the world because of their creativity and uniqueness.

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