The Best Colleges for Zoology

One of the fields of natural science that deals with the evolution and behavior of animals, zoology analyzes and explains animal functions and structures. This specific branch of science has various sub-fields like paleontology, entomology, and comparative anatomy. Students who want to enhance their understanding in this field of study can check out the academic programs offered by the best colleges for zoology such as Yale University, Anglia Ruskin University, Washington State University, and the University of Miami.

Yale University

This university offers an extensive program for students who like to excel in zoology. One of the degree programs that this school offers are Bachelor of Science in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. To provide references and resources to ornithology students, the school allots a special space for a collection of interesting birds at Yale Peabody Museum. Above all, this educational institution features zoology and natural history information sources at Yale University Science Libraries.

Anglia Ruskin University

Another topnotch school for zoology is Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge and Chelmsford. Some of the undergraduate programs offered by the educational institution are Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology and Wildlife Biology, Bachelor of Science in Ecology and Conversation, as well as Bachelor of Science in Natural History and Animal Behavior. Aside from these, the school offers extensive research programs on the evolution and behavior of animals to improve the understanding of students on zoology.

Washington State University

One of the excellent and best schools for zoology, Washington State University offers the undergraduate degree program Bachelor of Science in Zoology to students who want to extend their knowledge on the structure and development of animals. To help them excel in this field, the educational institution allows zoology students to visit some of the useful science laboratory facilities in the U.S. including Owen Science and Engineering Library, Conner Natural History Museum, and the Hudson Biological Preserve.

University of Miami

The Department of Biology at the University of Miami offers different interesting and outstanding courses for students who want to improve their understanding on zoology. One of the exciting courses that this school offers is the Biology of Birds, which deals with the analysis of the migration patterns of bids. Another informative course for zoology students is Animal Physiology, which focuses on the principles and concepts behind behavioral integration, as well as homeostasis. In addition, this course covers wildlife structural and physiological adaptation mechanisms. Above all, students are encouraged to take up Animal Behavior because this course tackles the different factors that contribute to the evolution of animals.

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The Best Colleges for Zoology

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