The Best Dog Foods for Your Pet

Aside from vaccination and medical checkup, it’s essential that you give only the best dog foods for your pet. Anything less than that could result in health problems. With the following, you can be sure that your pet will receive the right vitamins and proper nutrition.


Canidae is a little more costly than the usual brands, but its quality is top notch. It provides a lot of high quality meat flavor that is both delicious and nutritious. Canidae also has a lot of carbohydrates. It comes in a variety of flavors including chicken, lamb, and liver among others. Canidae also does not use any chemical preservatives nor fillers. It has also been certified to be free of hormones.

Innova EVO

One of the best dog foods today, Innova is also regarded as one of the premium types. Its meat content is very high (over 92%) and its ingredients are of superior quality and subject to rigid control. Part of what makes this a high end food is that the ingredients emulate what a dog naturally eats. It has very little to no grain, and no chemicals either. While it can be used as the sole source of nutrition, you can also make the Innova a supplement or add on if you feed your pet something else.

Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul

The Chicken Soup for Pet Lover’s Soul differs in its approach, but is still one of the best dog foods around. Most focus on protein and this one also delivers in that regard. However it also concentrates on carbohydrates which are very important. Its sources are potatoes and whole grain among others. It is more expensive than most brands found in the supermarket but its quality has been proven in repeated tests and reviews.


When it comes to dry food for pets, few are as popular or highly regarded as Orijen. It uses a variety of flavors for its meat including chicken and turkey. Among its many sources of carbohydrates are russet potatoes. The protein and carbohydrate level in Orijen is very high, making this one of the best dog foods in the market. It may cost a little more, but if quality is what you are after, this is more than sufficient.

Blue Buffalo

The Blue Buffalo combines vitamins and nutrients to ensure the best protection for your pet. Aside from high grade chicken it also uses vegetables and fruits. Aside from these nutrients, Blue Buffalo also comes with antioxidants and Omega 3 and 6 for added health benefits.

Artemis Maximal

The Artemis Maximal contains numerous nutrients that can keep your pet healthy. To ensure good taste it uses chicken, carrots, apples and other fruits and meats. It isn’t just all good taste though. Among the nutrients are protein, vitamin E, Omega 3, fiber and fat.

There are a lot of factors that come into play when deciding what the best dog foods for your pet are. By perusing this list you can be certain that whichever you pick, you’ll have a robust and healthy pup in your hands.

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