The Best Dorm Pranks

Simply known as playful acts or jokes that are usually done by young people to have fun, pranks are very popular at dorms in colleges and universities. Some students do different pranks to create a cheerful and fun environment in their dorms. For college students who want to do interesting and entertaining mischievous tricks with their roommates and friends, these are some of the all-time best dorm pranks that they can try.

Candy in the Shower

This is one of the most famous and best dorm pranks. To do this trick, purchase a sticky candy from a local store. The candy should not bear any color. Remove the head of the shower and put the candy in the shower. Return the showerhead and wait for someone who will use the bathroom. When a person uses the shower, the candy will be dissolved and will be mixed with the water coming from the showerhead.

Rotten Chicken Meat Trick

The trick is very easy and simple to do. Purchase chicken meat from supermarkets. Place it in a container with plastic lid. Seal the container and use a knife to poke holes on the lid. Hide the container in the room of the victim. Wait for several days and the meat will rot. When the meat starts to rot, it will produce a disgusting odor.

Towel Theft

If you are staying in dorms that have community bathrooms, you should try this simple but fun prank. Hide inside one of the cubicles in the bathroom. When your friend takes a bath, get the towel or bathrobe. Go to your friend’s room and put the towel on the bed. Get back to your room quickly and pretend that you know nothing about the joke.

TV Prank

This prank can be done in dorms that have community entertainment rooms. Buy a universal remote for television at local stores. Stay in the entertainment room. Wait for students who usually go to the room to watch their favorite television programs. Use the remote to change or switch the channel of the television program that they are watching. Or even more devious keep lowering the volume so they think there is something wrong with the TV.

Reorganized Room

Reorganized room is one of the funniest and harmless dorm pranks. Wait for your friend to leave the room. Reorganize the room by moving the furnishings like bed, cabinet, and side table to different areas of the room. To do this prank successfully, it is important to talk with the other people on the floor including your friend’s roommate and convince them to pretend that they do not know anything about the changes in the room.

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