The Best Driving Directions Site

Getting driving directions are essential to people who want to go or travel to places that they are not familiar. With the use of the Internet, drivers can easily know the different ways of reaching their destinations. By referring to the best driving directions site, travel will be simpler and more enjoyable to drivers. To those who are interested in getting directions, let us look at some of the websites that can help computer users about this matter.

MapQuest Directions

This website was introduced in 1996 to help drivers who do not know the different routes that they can use to reach their destinations. Many people consider this as the best driving directions site because it is very reliable and it is easy to use. There are blocks in the web page where computer users enter the starting address and their destination. The site will provide a map that they can use. In addition, MapQuest Directions estimates driving time. For the convenience of users, they can print or transfer the information and directions that the site gives to a PDA.

Yahoo! Driving Directions

Another interesting website that people can freely use is Yahoo! Driving Directions. This site provides direct routes to the destinations of computer users. Additionally, the printing layouts of maps available at this web page are easy to read and use. Moreover, computer users can also look for alternate routes when they use this website.

Rand McNally Online Driving Directions

Individuals who are in search for a website that offers free online driving directions is Rand McNally. The site is very useful to people who will be having long trips. Computer users can also plan their stops because it has an efficient road trip-planning feature. Moreover, with the use of this website, drivers can determine the distance from the starting point to the destination.

Google Maps

One of the websites that offer efficient and useful driving directions tools to computer users is Google Maps. Many people use this site because the results are accurate. In addition, it offers alternative routes that drivers can use to avoid traffic contingents. Finally, the web page provides landmarks so drivers can easily reach their destinations.

AAA Driving Directions

Another useful driving directions site is AAA. Even if this web site is not as popular as the other sites, it provides free services to computer users who want to know the best and easiest way to go to their destinations. Additionally, this site provides maps that people can use to avoid getting lost along the way.

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