The Best Electric Hot Water Heater

According to electronic experts, there are many factors to be considered when choosing the best electric hot water heater. Such product must possess numerous qualities and specifications that match the very nature of high quality heaters. The EEMAX Series 12 is a superior hot water heater designed to give people fast and efficient results. It is time saving, compact, and energy efficient, which are guaranteed to satisfy practical customers.

Special Features of the EEMAX Series 12

Today, there are many quality products available but the EEMAX Series 12 easily beats them as the best electric hot water heater, thanks to its innumerable special and reliable features. It uses state-of-the-art Micro Processor Technology, which provides consistent outlet temperature. Furthermore, it is easy to install and reduces the cost of installation materials. To make things more convenient, it comes with a full-service warranty, which guarantees total customer satisfaction. Because of its compact design, it can easily fit anywhere, even in hard to reach areas.

For the safety of users, this high quality product stops the growth of mycrobacteria and legionella, which can eventually lead to serious health concerns. It has an advanced thermostatic control, which helps in monitoring the temperature of outlets and allows the product to adjust to varying pressure and flow. In addition, it also has other impressive features such as a thermal cut out design, cuts energy waste, and a splash-proof enclosure. With the help of this heater, people can enjoy continuous hot water supply without delays.


People can use the EEMAX Series 12 in many different ways because of its durable design, high efficiency rating, and sophisticated technology. It can be used in factories, as well as in other important commercial and industrial applications. More importantly, it perfectly fits combo eye/face drench showers, and emergency drench showers.

Product Specifications

This specific product effectively operates within a minimum pressure level of 25 PSI and a maximum of 150 PSI. It comes with a total twelve cartridge-inserts, with two additional spares. It has a major advantage over regular water heaters because it is tank-less. By using this, people can expect a stable water temperature as well as a strong flow of water all throughout its usage. Because of its high quality performance, having hot water in an instant can be a luxurious experience for everyone. It is very easy to control the desired water temperature with the help of this product, which features an easy-to-use temperature level control.

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