The Best Free Email Service

Once seen as a novelty, electronic mail has become an indispensable tool for students, businessmen, office workers and anyone who wants to keep in touch with friends and family all over the world. Their popularity has resulted in a virtual cottage industry, but here are the best free email services on the World Wide Web today.


Here you can get a ton of free space, eliminating the need to delete any messages that you may need later. Another thing going for this one is it is well designed, allowing you to see your messages quickly. By letting you assign colors on emails, they can be organized by topic or thread, so you don’t have to scroll down the list just to look for the other letter relevant to the one you are reading.

GMail also has IMAP and POP functionality, making access to other accounts easy and convenient. It is also integrated with Google Talk and Google Calendar. File formats like .doc, pdf, .xls and others are recognized too, which is why this is often considered as one of the best free email services on the Net.

GMX Mail

This is also one of the popular programs today, thanks to its storage space of 5 GB. It also possesses some of the most potent filtering software in the market today, keeping you safe from junk mail as well as viruses or spyware.

GMX Mail also has drag and drop capability and also comes with formatting features. There is also an automated response message you can set up in case you have to go away.

Yahoo! Mail

The storage has no limits. It also comes with capabilities for using SMS, RSS and IM. Yahoo! also has IM contacts and a filter capable of blocking spam, viruses and also email from addresses you designate. Another reason why this is held as one of the best free email services online is that it lets you access email from other services, and its drag and drop features, as well as its tabs, makes it easy to customize your inbox and the other folders you create.

Zenbe Personal

Aside from possessing top of the line tools for sorting and arranging your emails, there are other features here that help you manage your files. Among them are its very useful to do list, allowing you to set up the tasks ahead; it also provides functions for updating your Facebook page as well as twitter.

Zenbe Personal comes with 4 GB free space, a search tool, tags and stars to customize your mail as well as the IPaper for viewing files. POP and IMAP are enabled here. If you read reviews of the best free email services, this is almost always included and deservedly so.

Windows Live Hotmail

Hotmail comes with gigabytes of free storage space, and it has also modified its interface so that it now loads faster than its predecessor. In addition the program also offers privacy protection. It has rich text features, and can put incoming mail to customized folders. You can also set it up to accept only mail from those in your contact list.

Windows Live Hotmail also has a search feature, and also allows you to insert multiple addresses in the “from” field. It also comes with an auto responder, and can forward mail between Hotmail accounts.

Deciding which is the best free email service around may be subject to opinion and personal preference, but in the end, you really cannot go wrong with any of these programs, and any of them can serve your needs efficiently and effectively.

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