The Best Free White Pages on the Internet

White page refers to one of the sections of a telephone directory that provides a list of people’s names as well as business establishments in a particular area. With the improvements in the functions and usage of the Internet, everyone can now have easy access to free white pages. To make sure that the white page that you are accessing is reliable and legal, it is important to have ideas on some of the best free white pages available through the Internet. In addition, there are also tips that can help you identify the most viewed free white pages today.

United States and Canada

If you want to search for the address and contact number of a relative or friend residing in Canada as well as the United States, you can always look at Whitepages. This website allows people to search an individual residing in any of these countries by providing the last name as well as the zip code of the place where the person is living. Results commonly include the phone number and present address of the person.

Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England

If you like to look for a person or a business establishment in Wales, Ireland, Scotland or England, you can check out British Telecom Directory. To use the service, you need to indicate the surname of the person you want to find as well as the town where you think the individual is presently residing. After entering the information, the directory will give search results that include a map depicting the address of the person you want to find.

Other Regions

If you want to locate a person in other countries, one of the best free white pages that you can use is Numberway. This directory has a comprehensive list of international white pages services so the possibility that you can find the person that you are searching is high.

Tips and Warnings

To access the best free white pages easily, you can add a special search toolbar in your Internet browser. If the tab is properly installed, you can use the services anytime you access the Internet. Aside from the above-mentioned services, you can also use search engines like Yahoo! as well as Google to look for your relatives and friends abroad. These search engines require that you indicate the last name, zip code and phone number of the person that you are looking for to make sure that you truly know the person.

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