The Best High School Pranks

When Senior Day comes, it is time for some of the best high school pranks that make everybody laugh and enjoy each other. Well, sometimes high school students don’t have to wait for special occasions to pull off a prank. They just do it.

Toilet Bowl Prank

Toilet bowls always have water in them, so with some dry ice, they are perfect for a prank. Some of the best high school pranks are done inside rest rooms using these bowls. Put enough dry ice in the toilet bowls to produce ghostly mist in the rest room. Neutralize sunlight in the rest room by covering the windows with black garbage bags. When somebody uses the rest room and goes in, the person will be shocked to see a Nightmare On Elm Street scene inside.

PC Prank

It would be fun to switch the cables of all PC units in the computer lab so that the keyboards are connected to other monitors. When a student types on the keyboard the words are seen on the screen of the neighboring PC unit, and vice versa. It would be ridiculous to see students at a loss as to what’s going on in the lab and yet no one’s really hurt. Best high school pranks should also be harmless.

Transformed Principal’s Office

Doing a prank on the principal is a real challenge, but it’s also so much fun when done successfully. Remember, no one should get hurt. So, among the best high school pranks on the principal is have a well made door sign that says “Male Rest Room” or “Female Rest Room” replace the one on the door of the principal’s office. There’s a strong possibility that a guest or guests unfamiliar with the school premise would believe the sign and actually go inside the principal’s office without knocking, thinking it to be a rest room.

Time Bomb (The Best Among the Best High School Pranks)

Though this practical joke entails the use of a whistle bomb, it would be safe as long as it is put in a place where no one would go near it. A perfect location would be on the ledge of a window sill of the school rest room. Windows of rest rooms are often located high up. Place a lighted cigarette on the ledge with the lighted part jutting out. Place the wick of the whistle bomb resting on the cigarette, about half centimeter from the light.

Then get out of the room. When the burning part inches to the wick (within seconds), it would ignite the bomb and make it explode seconds after. By then, the culprit would be safely away from the scene. Anyone entering the rest room at the moment of explosion would be shocked by the intense whistling sound and explosion.

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