The Best Margarita Recipe

Too much stress during the day and the body craves for something extra relaxing. A Margarita seems the apt thing to have, but enjoying it can add in lots of calorie to the weight. But don’t worry, here is a low-calorie version which may be dubbed “the best Margarita recipe in town.” It will only add about 200 calories, with a bonus recipe below.


For mixing the best Margarita recipe in town, prepare low-calorie lemon-lime soda, about six ounces; one or two shots of tequila; a half spoon of lemonade mix, sugar-free; one and a half ounce of lie juice, and any fresh fruit glass rim wedge for presentation. Also prepare some ice cubes.

Utensils Needed

Prepare an electric blender. Get a knife for taking a slice of fruit (orange or lemon) as garnishing on the glass rim. Get a clear ,tall, breakable glass for pouring the final mixture of this best Margarita recipe in.

Mixing the Concoction

Put all the ingredients in a clean blender. Turn on the blender to full power. Include some ice cubes, depending on how thick the best Margarita recipe one prefers to be. The Tequila content may be increased a bit liberally for an extra perk. Hangover? Don’t worry. As long as everything here is sugar-free, hangovers are out of the question.

If a blender is not available, just put the ingredients minus the ice in a shaker and shake thoroughly. Vigorous aerobic shaking is good for the heart. Then pour the contents into the tall glass and put in some ice cubes for a Margarita on the rocks.

Here is for a Better than the Best Margarita Recipe

Wondering what type of soda brings better results? Try using non-cola, clear-colored diet sodas. As for diet lemonade, any kind will do. with the lime juice option, the fresher they are , the better. Remember, the decisive factor in mixing the best Margarita recipe is the limes juice quality.

Here is the Bonus Recipe as Promised

Add raspberry ginger ale, sliced strawberries, and a strawberry lemonade blend that is sugar-free to the recipe above and blend everything. Don’t forget to add in enough ice cubes for a more refreshing experience.

Are strawberry jams a good alternative to fresh strawberries for this recipe? Sure! Just make sure they are sugar-free, or the huge calorie intake might show sorry results on the belly later, not to mention the hangover. And use a blender to mix everything. A shaker may not produce the effect desired with the strawberry jam.

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