The Best Mp3 Players in the Market Today

The best mp3 players today don’t just allow you to store thousands of files; they can also play videos, store pictures and more. The applications below can do all that, and more.

Apple iPod Touch 2nd Generation (8 GB)

The Apple iPod Touch comes with an assortment of features that you won’t find in most other music players. Although top of the line elements are common in iPod players, this one ups the notch. It has support for Podcast and comes with a photo viewer. You can also use it to read emails as it supports services like Gmail, Yahoo and AOL.

The Safari web browser is included in the package. There is also a music store, and completing the package of one of the best mp3 players today are numerous utilities ranging from a clock, calendar, maps and weather check. Of course you can download and store music. You can play up to 36 hours of music or 6 hours of video nonstop.

Sandisk Sanza Fuze

The Sandisk Sanza Fuze is an inexpensive alternative to the more popular brands. Although it doesn’t cost as much, its features are still impressive. Its storage allows you to put in a ton of songs. The audio quality is also topnotch. Also included is an application that allows you to view pictures and video. Others nice features include an FM tuner, headphones and a long lasting battery. The memory card is also expandable, making it not just one of the best mp3 players, but also high in terms of value for your money.

The Creative Zen

There are several features packed in this inexpensive gadget. One of the most important is an expandable memory card (it starts at 2 GB but can be bumped up to 32 GB). The EQ presets are very good and viewing video with its 2 ½ inch screen is clear. The Creative Zen also has a radio tuner, music subscription options and voice recording capability. Support for microSD memory cards is also included.

Microsoft Zune

The Zune has shown tremendous improvement from its predecessor. Today it boasts of several features that rival those of the iPod. One of its most exciting features is wireless synching. Of course it wouldn’t be included in the list of the best mp3 players if it did not have any extra features. The Zune has a radio tuner and a music subscription service. Another plus is that the video screen is larger than in most other players.

iRiver Digital Media Player

Sold at almost half the price of leading brands, the iRiver nevertheless is packed with the basic features you’ll need, and more. It has an 8 GB memory, good for over 2,000 songs. You can also use this space to store video instead or a mix of the two. It can play back WMA, MPEG-4, XviD and other popular formats. The sound and video quality is also excellent.

Most consumers will prefer one over the other, but if you just want good music and video, any of them will do. With technology the way it is, expect the best mp3 players today to just get better.

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