The Best Schools for Archaeology

Known as a branch of science that deals with the recovery of artifacts and material remains that are important to the interpretation, documentation, and analysis of human cultures, archaeology has different aims, which include the discovery of evidences of cultural evolution and human evolution. This field of study is very interesting, which is the reason why many students like to enroll in colleges and universities that offer outstanding academic programs in archaeology. For individuals who like to unveil the secrets in human cultures, they can enroll in the best schools for archaeology including the University of Arizona, Illinois State University, and Boston University.

University of Arizona

One of the best schools for archaeology, University of Arizona is very popular when it comes to archaeology because it has an excellent curriculum for students who want to learn more about this field of study. Aside from the outstanding academic program of this educational institution, it employs full time archaeologists to teach students about the things that they should know in studying human history, culture, and evolution. In addition, the archaeologists guide students in field studies concerning the recovery of materials from ancient civilizations.

Illinois State University

Illinois State University is renowned for the world-class academic programs that the school offers including an undergraduate degree program in anthropology minor in historical archaeology. To enhance students’ understandings on this study, it offers special courses on Archaeology of Gender, Zoo Archaeology, and Archaeological Theory. Other courses available for students who want to excel in this field include Feminist Archaeology and Archaeology of Inequality. To improve the knowledge of students in archaeology, this educational institution encourages senior archaeology students to conduct a research, write a thesis, and present the thesis in professional seminars, as well as conferences. To train their students to become competitive archaeologists in the future, this university establishes field schools where they can have hands-on studies on various archaeological theories and research methodologies.

Boston University

For graduate students who want to improve their knowledge on archaeology, they can check the graduate program at Boston University. This educational institution offers a master degree and doctorate in archaeology. It helps graduate students have ample background on traditional archaeology fields like art history and anthropology. Additionally, this university teaches students about the best methods to use in interpreting artifacts, as well as cultural and historical evidences. Some of the graduate degrees offered at Boston University are Master of Arts in Archaeological Heritage Management and Master of Arts in Geoarchaeology.

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