The Best Search Engines on the Web

Because the Net contains millions of pages, only the best search engines can retrieve the information you require. You may be happy with what you use now but this summary of the finest Web locator tools could make things even easier.


Google is considered one of the premiere tools for finding data on the Net. The links it retrieves are relevant. Unlike other sites, the paid link ads are distinct so mistakes can be avoided. Aside from providing hits for Web pages, Google allows you to look for pictures and blogs.

It is also possible to look for videos. At the top of the page are other useful links for groups, Gmail and checking your account. Its quick loading times and clear interface have helped Google maintain its status as one of the best search engines today.


Yahoo has implemented several new features that help strengthen its capabilities. The Search Assistant offers advice on what terms to use when looking for something. This can help you get information more efficiently. There is also a notes feature, handy for both general and advanced data scouring. As with Google, it comes with advanced features for more refined searching. Finding basic data like weather news and traffic has been made easier too.


Formerly known as Ask Jeeves, the question and answer site has turned into one of the best search engines online. Those who prefer the old Q & A format can still access it using the shortcuts feature. Apart from providing Web page hits, you can look for pictures, videos and feeds. Ask also comes with Boolean and phrase searching functions.

Besides providing relevant results, the layout is clean. The help section is also functional, making it easy to learn its features. Proximity searching is allowed. Using field options like “intitle”, “afterdate” “inurl” and others is also possible.

Windows Live

If you are looking for answers to queries, Windows Live can help. By answering your question outright, you get results faster. This can be more effective than just entering a general phrase. Another feature that propels Live to the level of one of the best search engines are its databases.

Using this feature you can look for specific information about health, local news and more. This cuts down on the time you spend browsing online. Like the other sites you can also find maps, pictures and the latest news.


Exalead is not as popular as the others, but its hits are just as accurate. It has an image database and comes with links to video, image and directory searches. If you need more advanced features, Exalead lets you use truncation, proximity and Boolean options. You can also see thumbnail previews of pages. The right pane also features access to its other options.

The Web is filled with tons of information; it is only a question of finding it. By using one or a combination of the best search engines, finding what you need becomes more straightforward.

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