The Best Selling Toys Today

Every year, toy companies come up with novel ideas and concepts that continue to improve the level of toys. These products are very attractive, developmental, and challenging for kids, which can be of great help to their physical, mental, and even psychological development. By purchasing these best selling toys, not only will parents and guardians bring fun and enjoyment to their children, but also help them develop their full potentials.


Ideal for children 18 months and up, the Jumbo-netics is considered one of the best selling toys. Many parents love this product because it helps boost the development of children’s motor skills. Add to that, this particular item helps bring out the creativity of kids. Made up of colorful pieces, this toy can also help these youngsters become more familiar about the different colors. They can create structures of various shapes and colors. Each set is comprised of 49 pieces.

National Geographic Dinosaur Skeleton Kit

Highly recommended for kids ages 8 and up, the National Geographic Dinosaur Skeleton Kit introduces children to the amazing world of science. One of the most amazing is the Tyrannosaurus Rex, which closely resembles what real dinosaur skeleton really looks like. It also comes with special fact cards, which contain highly relevant information and details about these extinct creatures. Meanwhile, the fold out sheet contains guidelines and directions as to how kids can construct the dinosaur skeleton model. Other available variants of this toy include triceratops, stegosaurus, and brachiosaurus.

GeoSafari Quiz Phone

A very efficient educational toy, the GeoSafari Quiz Phone is recommended for kids ages 5 and up. This product helps children learn a lot of things by asking them questions, after which it checks their answers. The more kids answer the questions right, the higher their scores become. All in all, it features a total 46 different quizzes to choose from, including games that challenge kids how to read simple words and sentences. Its educational value is really great.

Solar System in My Room

A beautiful toy that teaches and helps kids become more familiar with astronomy, the Solar System in My Room is another remarkable educational toy that specifically centers on the solar system. Parents can hang this item from the ceiling of their children’s rooms, where kids can easily see it. Included in this toy set is a light pointer, which can be used to point at particular planets like the Earth, Jupiter or Neptune. They can also learn what planets are closest as well as the farthest from the sun. It also comes with an informative CD, which parents and guardians can play while their kids observe the movements of the toy.

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