The Best Space Heaters for You

Anyone who has been stuck with a non performing device will realize the importance of getting the best space heaters. Before winter comes along, perusing this selection will help you decide which to get.

Vornado Vortex Touchstone 500

The Touchstone 500 is perfect for those who want their rooms warmed without a fuss. It comes with plenty of features that help automate various tasks. One of its best traits is that it can maintain the air warmth without requiring you to make a lot of modifications.

Other handy features include a digital thermostat. The Touchstone 500 also has a remote control so you can make adjustments conveniently. Those who are accustomed to gadgets that generate noise will love this device’s quiet mode. Add in the two year warranty and you have one of the best space heaters in the market.

DeLonghi DFH132 SafeHeat Fan Heater

Small but powerful, the DeLonghi SafeHeat can be set to various temperature modes. You can even adjust it to just above freezing level. Cheaper than other models, it is still packed with features. The thermostat can be modified with ease and has 750 and 1500 wattages. The fact that it is compact makes this easy to move from one place to the other.

The SafeHeat is also versatile; you can use it as a typical electric fan during hot days. It also comes with safety features and doesn’t get too hot even when regularly used.

Soleus Heater – HM2-15R-32

This product from Soleus is currently one of the best space heaters. Unlike other devices it can restore warmth to a cold area without producing excessive heat on its surfaces. With ease of use in mind, the Soleus HM2 has been designed without the need to move or change any components to run it. It also has wheels, and the remote control makes it a breeze to manipulate and adjust settings.

The device also has a timer so you can set it at the exact time you want. To prevent any accidents there is an auto turn off feature. Although it has plenty of features it only weighs in at 8.8 lbs.

Holmes Quartz Tower

The Holmes Quartz Tower is one of the fastest when it comes to producing warmth in any area. It is generally used in small locations but using the fan can expand its coverage. Its quiet operation helps it become one of the best space heaters available. It also has a fan and one touch controls for easy modifications of the thermostat.

The Quartz Tower can detect if it is overheating and will shut down automatically. It also comes with a six year warranty and is programmed to preserve energy as well. This of course translates to money savings for you. This is the most ideal solution for those times when you need to get warmed up in a hurry.

Being stuck in a house or room in the freezing cold can lead to illness and other health issues. By using some of the best space heaters, you and your family can stay warm and healthy all year round.

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