The Best Strawberry Shortcake Recipe

A very tasty, mouthwatering, and scrumptious food that everyone can prepare in their homes, strawberry shortcake is a popular dessert that uses fresh strawberries, milk, and butter as main ingredients. This is very sweet, delightful and delectable that many people like to serve the dessert in special occasions like holidays, birthdays and wedding receptions. However, to make sure that the guests will enjoy the taste of this enticing shortcake, it is important to learn the best strawberry shortcake recipe because it uses special ingredients that are not present or used in other shortcake recipes. In addition, it provides detailed instructions on how to prepare and bake this dessert easily.


The main ingredients in the best strawberry shortcake recipe are three pints strawberries, two cups all-purpose flour, 1/3 cup shortening, four teaspoons baking powder, and 1/2 cup sugar. To enhance the taste of the dessert, include two tablespoons white sugar, ¼ teaspoon salt, a beaten egg, 2/3 cup milk, and two cups whipped cream. It is also important to have three drops of vanilla extract and for a final garnish, some mint leaves.


Wash fresh strawberries with cold water and slice the fruits. Prepare a bowl and put half cup of sugar in the bowl. Toss the sliced strawberries in the bowl. Get a cake pan and drizzle with vegetable oil. Make sure that the oven is preheated to 220 degrees Celsius or 425 degrees Fahrenheit. Get another bowl. Put the baking powder, flour, salt, three drops of vanilla extract, and two tablespoons of sugar into the bowl. Mix the ingredients and set aside.

Put the mixture in a blender and add the shortening to make coarse crumbs for the dessert. Pour the milk and put the beaten egg in the blender. Stir the mixture. Pour the mixture into the baking pan. Put the pan in the oven for not more than 20 minutes. Remove the pan from the oven and slice the cake into two. Put the strawberries on top of the cake slices and use the whipped cream to cover the fruits. Refrigerate for 10 to 15 minutes. Garnish with chopped mint leaves. Serve immediately.


To make the best strawberry shortcake recipe, do not use frozen strawberries because these will affect the texture and flavor of the dessert. To enhance the sweet taste of the shortcake, drizzle the cake with other flavors like butterscotch or caramel. Finally, to enhance the flavor of the dessert, top the cake with chocolate candies or chocolate chips.

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The Best Strawberry Shortcake Recipe
The Best Strawberry Shortcake Recipe

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