The Best Technical Writing Fields

As someone who is tasked with making complex language and jargon easier to understand and comprehend, it is thus not surprising that technical writers are very much in demand today. If you are interested in pursuing this career, you need to be familiar with the best technical writing fields today.

Computer Applications or Software

Of the many fields available presently, this is without doubt one of the most in demand and with good reason. Computer applications, from word processing, web browsing, graphics / photo editing, etc. have become part and parcel in the working environment of a lot of businessmen. In this instance, the task of the technical writer would be to provide a comprehensive, detailed yet easy to understand guide to using the program.

If the user guide is well written, the end user will be able to learn the different options in the program easily; if the writing is poor or incomprehensible, the end user becomes frustrated or worse, make a mistake. With ease of use the battle cry of software developers, the market here is very large.

Computer Hardware Components

The demand for documentation specialists is also great here, making it another one of the best technical writing fields around. In this instance, the writer has to provide information on the setup and installation of the device be it hard disk, modem, printer, scanner, etc. In addition the writer must also document any possible problems and how to overcome them this is the troubleshooting guide you find in the manual.

There are two types of writers here, one who is focused on writing guides for the end user and for those who will construct these devices.

Manufacturers of Electronic Products

Companies that make electronics (cell phones, TVs, DVDs, mp3 players and the like) employ technical writers to create documentation and guides for the company’s marketing department and also the end consumer, making this not just one of the best technical writing fields currently but also one of the fastest growing.

The emphasis here will be, regardless of the product, the ease with which the manual or guide can be used. For the company’s marketing arm, it must be lucid so promotion of the product will be easy. Of course, it also needs to be clear for the benefit of the end user.

Engineering and Construction

The complex world of engineering and construction of various buildings and structures require the services of writers to help the engineer and other builders prepare. One of the reasons why this is considered as one of the best technical writing fields today is that aside from writing, creating presentations and making illustrations will also be required of the writer.

Medical and Scientific Journals

The fields of science and medicine also require technical writers. Quite often these areas of research and development, while very important, are shrouded in terminology that is virtually incomprehensible to the layman. By laying out the facts in a comprehensible manner, the easier it will be to understand the relevance and importance of the findings.

Becoming a Technical Writer

It is important to remember that while you do not need a degree in engineering or medicine to write about it, you do need to know something about what you are writing about so having a good working knowledge of the industry will be essential.

These are just some of the best technical writing fields you can try today, and there are many more, such as biotechnology, robotics, financing and many more. With so many options, it is only a matter of deciding which you think is best for you.

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