The Best Time to Plant Strawberries

Depending on the type to be planted, strawberries need different times or seasons for planting. But generally, the best time for planting strawberries is long before summer sets in. Here are three types and the best time to plant them.

Single-Crop Strawberry

This type of strawberry is flexible. Harvest could be early, middle, or late season, depending on one’s harvest preference, so the best time to plant strawberries of this type depends on the time people want their harvest. Most people who plant single-crop strawberries in the backyard do it in early spring. When the soil is ready for planting after the winter, then that’s the best time to plant this variety. Single-type strawberry is a favorite among professional growers.

Day-Neutral Strawberry

This type of strawberry is also known as “ever-bearing” because they keep bearing fruit, though small. The best time to plant strawberries like day-neutral is any day of spring when the soil is soft and fresh out from the previous snow season. Spring has the right cold temperature conducive to planting day-neutral strawberries to keep them bearing fruit even past strawberry season.

Musk Strawberry

This type is also a single cropper like single-crop strawberry and comparable to wild strawberries. They start bearing their fragrant, soft, and pineapple-flavored fruits on the third year from planting. So the best time to plant strawberries like this is three years before the targeted time for harvest. If the grower desires musk strawberries for business, planting should be done this year and marketing should be projected after three years. The waiting time is all worth it. This type is hard to find so they sell dearly—at $4 to $5 each plant.

Other Best Time for Planting

Some growers insist that fall is the best time to plant strawberries. They will be ready young plants come early spring. Just make sure the strawberry beds are housed in shelters that protect them from winter time so they’d make it beautifully in spring. Protection could be through poly-tunnels or what they call cloches.

If one prefers to harvest strawberries in summer, plant in early September. If this is not possible, then plant early April. For better results, plant in the early days of September. If winter frosts in a vicinity is bad, plant in the middle of April. If one desires productive strawberries, planting is often done in mid April.

For either selling the strawberry fruit or young plant, it is important to estimate the best time for planting strawberries.

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