The Best Turkey Stuffing on the Planet

Here is one of the best turkey stuffing that people are going to learn about. After trying this recipe, some people stop settling for less. The rich ingredients are easy to prepare.

Stuffing Ingredients

This best turkey stuffing has the following ingredients: Prepare a pound of lean ground meat, a pound of ground pork, two big yellow onions diced to medium size, 5 stalks of leafy celery chopped to medium size, a big and green bell pepper diced to medium size, two teaspoons ground black pepper, two teaspoons of coarse salt, two cans (14 oz.) of chicken broth (an alternative is 4 cups of home-prepared chicken stock), a tablespoon of Bell chicken seasoning, and one fourth cup of chopped fresh parsley.

Traditional ingredients are also included: One fourth cup of maple syrup, a large bag of corn bread stuffing (Pepperidge Farm brand), half cup of extra chicken stock, and an extra cup of bread crumbs for mixture thickening. The best turkey stuffing should have the right moist consistency—not too watery, not too thick.

Cooking Instructions

Set a Dutch oven on medium-high heat and put in the ground pork and ground beef. Break them up and mix thoroughly using a wooden serving spoon or spatula. The ground pork will produce the oil needed for this cooking. Then add the vegetable spices (green pepper, onion, celery), salt and black pepper and mix thoroughly again.

Put in the chicken broth or chicken stock. The stock should be just enough to cover the ingredients. Reduce heat to medium-low and cover. The simmering process should continue from 20 to 30 minutes, or until the veggies and the ground meat are tender. Then, take the pot or oven away from the heat and add in the parsley, maple syrup, and Bell seasoning, stirring the concoction thoroughly. An even mixture makes for the best turkey stuffing.

Then add the corn bread stuffing. Make sure the bread is soaked thoroughly. If the mixture is too thin, add in bread crumbs. If too thick or dry, add more chicken stock. This recipe for making the best turkey stuffing is good for 10 persons, but it is always good to have some extra available. It can also serve as delicious meat patties for breakfast.

Stuffing for Breakfast and other uses

This recipe for the best turkey stuffing is also perfect as breakfast patties served with fried eggs. Just mold stuffing into patties and fry till golden brown. Use the stuffing also to stuff pork chops.

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