The Best Vodka Brands

Known as a distilled beverage consisted of ethanol and water, vodka contains substances that are important to the fermentation process such as wheat or rye, sugar molasses, and flavorings. Depending on the brand of vodka, the alcohol content in this beverage usually ranges from 35 per cent to 50 per cent. Most vodka brands have the same taste, however, for those who want to drink the alcoholic beverage by shots or on the rocks, it is essential that they purchase the best vodka brands since these are made from high quality substances and they have passed several distillation processes. For those who like to know the best vodka brands, they can purchase Chopin, Armadale, Jewel of Russia Classic, and Zyr.


One of the famous and premium brands of Polish vodka, Chopin is tastier than other brands because it uses potatoes that were cultivated in the region of Podlasie, which contribute to the smooth and distinct taste of this beverage. It has a sweet taste and a touch of fresh apple. Another interesting characteristic of Chopin is that it has a minimal aftertaste. Among all, the bottle of this vodka brand is very stylish, which makes it more luring to customers. Prices of Chopin usually range from $25 to $30.


Another popular brand of Scottish vodka is Armadale. This brand was introduced in the commercial market in 2002. This beverage has passed three distilled procedures, which are very helpful to produce a smooth taste. One of the famous distributors of this product in the U.S. is Roc-A-Fella. The appearance of this brand is classy. A bottle of 750 ml Armadale vodka usually costs $34.

Jewel of Russia Classic

For consumers who like to taste a smooth and refreshing Russian vodka, one of the best vodka brands to buy is Jewel of Russia Classic. This brand was launched in 2001 and the vodka was stored in classy square bottles. The alcoholic beverage promotes the taste of authentic and classic vodka from Russia. To make the beverage smoother and tastier, the beverage passes several filtration procedures. Moreover, Jewel of Russia Classic is cheaper than other vodka brands. A liter of this brand only costs $35.


Zyr is one of the best vodka brands available in different countries. It has a classy and enticing bottle. Many consumers enjoy this brand because it has a sweet and mouthwatering aftertaste. This Russian vodka is made from rye and wheat, which improve its flavor. To those who want to purchase this brand, a bottle of 750 ml Zyr costs $32.

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