The Best Way to Braid Cornrows

Known as a complex pattern created by intertwining at least three strands of human hair, hair braid is easy to do and maintain. One of the most popular types of braid is the cornrow style. Learning the best way to braid cornrows in your hair is not difficult. By knowing the simple steps and following the step-by-step instructions, you can try to braid cornrows in your hair.

Materials Needed

Before learning the best way to braid cornrows, it is important to first prepare all the materials that you will need to avoid experiencing delays and hassles. Some of the important materials needed in styling cornrows are elastic bands, spray bottle and a comb. In addition to these materials, you also need hair clips and hair oil.


Plan the style that you like. You can do this by drawing an image or you can mark a wig holder. Pour the hair oil inside the spray bottle. Spray oil in your hair. If you cannot find a bottle of hair oil, you can substitute it with water. Use the comb to brush your hair to eliminate tangles. Make sure that you do not sprinkle too much water onto your hair because you can pull a lot of hair from the scalp while doing the cornrow braid.

Use the comb to part a portion of your hair that you would use to follow the cornrow. Get the elastic bands and band the other portions of the hair into two pigtails. Take a section of the hair where you like the cornrow to start. Separate this section. Make an ordinary braid to start the cornrow. Hold the two strands and get another section of hair under the starting braid. Add this section to the remaining strand and create a stitch using the hair strands.

Continue the process. Remember to add another section of your hair in the middle strand at least after every two stitches. Get the hair clip and use it to secure the braid. If you cannot find a hair clip, you can also use a barrette, an end bar or a snap bead to hold the cornrow.

Tips and Warnings

If your hair is slicker or straighter than usual, you can use a protein gel or an aqua wax to secure the braid. You can wash your hair without removing the style by using a shower massager. Do not forget to wash it with water and diluted shampoo. If you want to let the style stay for a couple of days, you need to cover your hair with a large cloth or towel while sleeping.

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