The Best Way to Light Charcoal

To save on electric bills and gas consumption, using charcoal as an alternative fuel source especially for grilling meat is a great idea. But some people find it hard to burn. Here is the best way to light charcoal.

Things Needed

Prepare charcoals, matches, discarded papers, a grill set, and tongs. If there is no grill set available, any mesh wire would do plus 3 to four rocks. This is a handy thing to know when camping out without a grill set. Grilling meat is extra special during camp-outs.

Make sure They are Dry

Charcoals may look dry on the outside. But on checking them closer, sometimes they are wet or moist inside. How to find out? Break a sample in two and see what is inside. Wet or moist charcoal is near to impossible to burn except with some help from a measure of gasoline. In this case, expose them to sunlight. Better yet, break big pieces into two to hasten their drying. Then, the best way to light charcoal will even be easier to do.

The Wrong Way of Lighting

Never merely place charcoals on a flat surface and then insert paper in them and light the paper. This is how most people do it. Oxygen won’t freely flow through them and most likely the flame started on the paper would just fizzle out. So it is not the best way to light charcoal, though this is what often happens. Remember that fire needs ample amount of oxygen freely flowing. Also remember that when grilling meat, it is vital to start the charcoal burning pronto. Or else, raw meat will easily deteriorate and might start decomposition. This produces food poisoning.

The Right Way of Lighting

Place the charcoals above the grill wire mesh suspended by the grill frame and place papers underneath, right where charcoals are supposed to be. Then light the paper, making sure the grill mesh is close to the flame touching the charcoals. Put in more papers to be burned as needed. The charcoals will light and be red-hot in no time. When they are, place them carefully, by using the tongs, in the grill bowl or the place where live charcoals are supposed to be placed. The start grilling meat.

What If There is No Grill Set?

Just bring along any mesh wire and put it on 3 to 4 rocks. Put the charcoals on it and the papers under it. Then start lighting the paper. If there are no mesh wires around, just lightly crumple the papers into balls, place them surrounded by the 3 to 4 rock pieces, and put the charcoals over them. Then light the paper balls.

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