The Best Way to Thaw a Turkey

Thanksgiving will always come with the traditional turkey. Many would say that a thanksgiving dinner won’t be the same without that stuffed fowl at the table. An ideal turkey should be served when roasted to perfection. That will always lead to the inquiry regarding the best way to thaw a turkey.

Methods of Thawing

There are many different methods you can use to thaw a thanksgiving turkey. You can thaw it in your fridge, in your sink using cold water, and finally using your microwave. To judge which method of thawing is best for your turkey depends on several factors. Does a thawing method require you to check on the bird often? Will it require you to use the turkey right away? Are there health hazards presented using a certain thawing method?

Using Your Fridge

To thaw your turkey using your fridge you should place your turkey breast side up. The wrapper should remain unopened during the whole period you are thawing the fowl. It should be placed in a pan that is large enough to keep some room on every side. With a large enough pan, you can be sure to catch all the juices that will drip out.

This is the most recommended and best way to thaw a turkey given the criteria we just mentioned above. You don’t have check on your fowl as it thaws and you don’t have to worry about any health risks since it remains in the fridge the whole time. The only drawback to using this method is the amount of time you’ll need to thaw. You should expect about six hours of thawing for every pound of turkey you thaw. Some even take a couple of days before their fowl is thoroughly thawed out.

Sink/Cold Water Thawing

If you’re pressed for time then this would be your next option as the best way to thaw a turkey. To do this you should cover your bird in a plastic wrap to ensure that no water gets into your frozen fowl. Placing it in a sealed garbage bag should be enough. You then submerge the whole thing in cold water for 30 minutes. Drain and replace your water every 30 minutes to avoid bacterial growth.

Due to the possibility of bacterial growth, this process is ranked as the second best way to thaw a turkey. However, it is recommended for those who really need to prepare and cook as soon as possible.

Using a Microwave

The third best way to thaw a turkey is by using a microwave. However, not all microwaves can be used to thaw a turkey. It would be best to check your user’s manual if this is possible. You should also check the manual regarding how much time it would take to thaw every pound of turkey.

Using your fridge would be the best way to thaw a turkey. However, you may consider using cold water or your microwave to thaw your fowl if you are indeed pressed for time.

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