The Best Ways to Lose Weight

The quest for finding the best ways to lose weight need not be a hopeless or expensive endeavor. Even though you may see many diet pills being advertised, there are other easier and more natural ways of getting rid of those excess pounds. The most ideal and practical way is the following.

1. Establish a Goal

By this we mean the number of pounds you want to lose in a week. You may have heard of ballplayers who always say they take it one game at a time. That principle applies here too. When reducing, set a realistic target of about a pound or two a week. If you set it too high (i.e., five to ten pounds in a week) you not only set yourself up for disappointment but the sudden loss might affect your health.

2. Change Your Diet

The best way to lose weight is by altering the food you eat and not by starving yourself. If you have the ability to suddenly stop your daily intake of high calorie foods like pizza and chocolates, well and good. But if you find yourself unable to do so the practical step would be to reduce the amount you eat. If you eat eight slices of pizza, cut it to six for one week. Next week cut it to four or three.

To avoid the temptation of going for other slices, drink plenty of water while and before eating; this can fill you up quickly.

At the same time that you are cutting back on your consumption of high calorie and greasy foods, increase the intake of fruits. These are nutritious and tasty snack alternatives. You can also eat vegetables and whole grains. Why these foods are considered as some of the best ways to lose weight is that you will feel full without putting extra calories.

3. Be Active

All the dieting in the world will do you no good if you just sit on the couch all day watching TV. You need to move around. You do not need to do any strenuous exercise; walking for thirty to forty five minutes will not just help you lose extra pounds but make you physically stronger. If you take the elevator to get to your floor, consider climbing the stairs.

4. Exercise Regularly

The key word here is regular. One of the reasons why those who try to lose weight by working fail is that they start out by exercising for hours for the first few days. When there is no result, interest wanes. The best way to lose weight is exercise on a regular basis.

You can start by jogging. If you don’t have time, set the alarm clock to wake you 15 to 20 minutes early. Doing so will give you the chance to jog regularly. If you plan to lift weights, do push up and sit ups, start with a few repetitions. Increase the amount on a weekly basis. If you start with 10 sit ups add 5 more the next week or 7.

5. Think Positive

If you don’t lose the pounds as quickly as you hoped, don’t be discouraged. Negative thinking can lead to stress and affect the appetite; one may be prone to eating more and lose interest in working out. You just need to persevere and stick to the program.

The best way to lose weight is not through any strenuous exercise or miracle pill, but a combination of discipline and perseverance. Once you have achieved your goal, keep it up so you don’t put on the pounds again.

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