The Very Best LCD TVs

Finding the right television set can be difficult as each one claims to be the finest available. This roundup of the best LCD TVs can help narrow down your choices.

The Samsung LN52A650

This company has been known to produce high quality sets and the 52 inch LN52A650 is one of, if not their finest yet. The colors that it produces are vivid and accurate. The blacks in particular are rendered accurately, providing great looking shadows. The screen is also brighter than most and doesn’t require you to make any adjustments.

The sound quality is also good and it comes with other extras. One of them is Infolink, which takes news and info from the Web. This set is already considered by a lot of consumers and reviewers as one of the best LCD TVs today, but there is even a premium version. This one has all the features of the original plus a woofer, picture images and recipes.

The LG 47LG60

The 47 inch LG 47LG60 is one of the impressive looking sets in the market, thanks to its red and black color. It is not just eye candy however. When you turn in on, the crispness and accuracy of the colors will jump out at you. The contrasts are well defined, without darkening the shadows too much. Also noteworthy is the way shades of gray are displayed, much better than average sets.

Customizability is another strong point. Although most users will be happy with the default settings, those who like to tweak with the controls will have plenty to keep them occupied here. Its customizability, clarity and ease of use make this one of the best LCD TVs around. It should also be noted that the processing of SD and HD is outstanding.

The Vizio SV470XVT

Those looking for a high quality but affordable set will like the 47 inch Vizio SV470XVT. The nice thing about this set is that while priced below its counterparts, it does not compromise on features. For instance it comes with the 120 Hz refresh rate. The SV470XVT also utilizes high end processing techniques to increase the quality of movies.

The video controls are numerous but well organized, making adjustments easy to do. There are other factors that put it in the ranks of the best LCD TVs today, such as its HDMI inputs. This allows for rapid connection. Overall the quality of the colors is clear and well defined.

AOC Envision L32W761

The 32 inch AOC Envision L32W761 is another set that doesn’t scrimp on quality while maintaining a low price. For a smaller set the sound is very good. Also worthy of mention is the fact that its picture quality is top notch.

It does not have as many controls for adjusting the elements on screen as the others but there are enough of them to get you the look you want. Its combination of good quality and affordable price makes this a great value buy. Another plus is that in spite of continuous usage the set is very durable.

You no longer have to go to the movies to enjoy high quality entertainment. The best LCD TVs guarantee that whatever you’re watching, the experience will be totally satisfying.

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