Unique and Amusing Best Wishes Phrases

Want to know about some interesting best wishes phrases to send a loved one on special occasions? Try sending unique and catchy greetings, those that make people chuckle. The following suggestions may come in handy, the next time you choose to send wishes to a special person.

Best Wishes Phrases for Christmas

Instead of the usual “Merry Christmas”, “Yuletide Greetings” or “Here’s wishing you the best of the Season” and so on, you could try something on the lines of the following wishes:

“Your advent into my life is a personal Christmas I reminisce whenever the Season comes. As Christ’s birth was a blessing to the world, so you are to me. May you be filled with gold, frankincense and myrrh this Yuletide as rich kings delight in your star and desperately seek where you are.”

For New Year

People use the standard “Happy New Year” wish to convey their best wishes for the New Year. But in today’s world, what can really make people happy? For a relevant greeting but which is rarely heard of, and to make people stop awhile and reflect about the uniqueness of the greetings, you could try using the following:

“May you have a Recession-less New Year!”

“May you have a stronger Dollar or Yen or Peso this Year!”

For Valentine’s Day

Instead of the usual “Happy Valentine’s Day!” on a greeting card or a bouquet of red roses, why not give that special person a personalized message, similar to the following:

“May you discover your life mate in me, this day.”

“May this Valentine evening usher you right to my doorstep tonight!”

A Birthday Surprise!

Try sending these best wishes phrases to wish someone on their birthday:

“I know it’s your birthday and may you invite me over for dinner.”

“Am I invited to your birthday celebration? May you cook up my favorite lasagna!” But make sure to follow these unique greetings with, “Just kidding! But I’ll be coming over with a special gift for you!” So make sure you show up for dinner or to the celebration with a special gift!

Amusing Easter Greetings

On Easter Sunday morning, give out this message in greeting cards to friends with a picture of an Easter bunny between two Easter eggs:

“Here is my bunny between two eggs! Hope you like them!” The card may be handmade by the person giving the greeting card or you could even get it drawn by an artist for you.

Back to School

How about giving best wishes phrases to kids or students who are preparing for school opening after a long exciting vacation? Unique greetings like, “May you have amnesia of the joys of your vacation so you can focus on school!”

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