Which Ear Can Most People Hear Best With

Hearing is one of the most essential human senses that refer to the ability to discern vibrations through the ear. To determine which ear can most people hear best with, many scientists have conducted researches in the past years regarding the sensitivity of the right ear and the left ear to vibrations. Based on studies, some scholars proved that the theory about handedness is important to determine the ear that people often use. For instance, the researches proved that right-handed people tend to use their right ear more often than their left ear. The same goes with left-handed individuals as they tend to use their left ear more than their right.

The Right Ear

Research conducted in September of 2004 proved that the right ear is more useful than the left ear when it comes to listening to conversations. Experiments were done on infants to determine which ear can most people hear best with. The tests showed that an infant’s right ear respond strongly to sound that has similar vibrations with speech. With this finding, scientists were able to understand why most individuals use their right ear when they are talking with other persons on the mobile phone.

The Left Ear

Based on the same research, scientists found that an infant’s left ear responds strongly to sound that has similar vibrations with music or singing. With this finding, individuals should use their left ear over their right ear when they listen to music. Some other research done by scientists from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas showed that hissing sounds like sweet nothings or emotional talks are better heard in the left ear.

The Ear and the Brain

The findings of the researches mentioned above are related to the conclusions of early studies about the functions of the brain. As most people know, the left hemisphere of the brain processes speech or prolonged sound vibrations while the brain hemisphere of the brain processes tones. Because of the cross connections of the left-brain hemisphere and the right-brain hemisphere, the left ear hears music-like vibrations best and the right ear hears speech-like vibrations.


The appropriate answer to the question, which ear can most people hear best with is; it depends on the type of sound vibrations they like to hear. If they want to hear or listen to conversations, the best ear to use is the right ear. On the other hand, if they want to hear songs or any form of music, then they can hear best if they use the left ear.

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