Which Juice Cleans Pennies Best?

When cleaning pennies, its not really dirt that is being eliminated by the copper oxide. Pennies are made of copper. When they turn brown, some people apply juice to wash away stain. They choose which juice cleans pennies best and apply that to “clean” them.

Soap, Detergents, and shampoos

Detergents, soaps, and shampoos are good for cleaning. But they cannot de-oxidize copper or stop the copper oxide that blemishes the shiny feature of copper metals. Remember, it is not dirt that is causing the browning effect on pennies. Hence, when making pennies shine, some people familiar with copper think of which juice cleans pennies best, not which detergent or soap cleaner does the job best.

Lemon and Vinegar: The Usual Options

While lemon and vinegar are not popular as cleaning agents the way soaps and detergents are, they are among excellent materials when deciding which juice cleans pennies best. Mixed with a little salt, they turn into a gentle acid mixture ideal for taking out stain on pennies. Just place the mixture on a disposable container and soak and wash the pennies in it.

Salt Formula

With lemon or vinegar alone, the penny-washing job may take some time and effort. But with a dash of salt, the coins can instantly turn orange with a mere rub against the fingers. So bear in mind that after deciding which juice cleans pennies best, add a pinch of salt to it for a faster more satisfactory effect.

Cola Drinks

Cola drinks are not fruit juices but these synthetic drinks are also good for washing copper metals with. If juices are not available and some copper coins need some scrubbing, cola drinks can be good alternatives.

Vinegar is also not considered as a juice the way lemon is. But natural vinegar came from coconut essence or sugarcane extracts. So it is also a form of juice.

It Depends on Juice Quality

Finally, the quality a juice as a washing material for copper coins depends on several factors. Some of them are: How ripe are they? Are they in season? Where they grown in a region noted for them? There is no question about their effectiveness. The question is, how effective are they? To choose which juice cleans pennies best, these factors should be considered.

This is important to note when doing classroom experiments on using acids in washing copper coins. Different fruit juice types may produce different results.

Tomato and Other Sauces

Some may insist that certain food sauce types, like tomato sauce, are excellent for washing copper metal. Natural tomato sauce contains citric acid but it is not as effective as lemon when it comes to washing copper coins.

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