A Guide to the Best File Sharing Programs on the Net

As Internet bandwidth increases, so too will the stuff exchanged by users online. If you are looking for the best file sharing programs, here they are.


This is quickly becoming one of the most popular applications of its kind thanks to its handy features. Chief among them is the ability to look for files on P2P services like BitTorrent. The search engine is very powerful and also fast even when the network is full. Another plus factor is that it can sense if files are damaged. Furthermore it does not come with any adware when installed.


Ares is not just an application; it also has own P2P network. Its interface is clean and easy to learn. One of the best file sharing programs today, Ares comes with a chat facility and can handle non centralized music too. The connection and downloading time is also fast.


This is currently one of the most widely used software applications today. The widespread appeal of this program is due to its ease of use and stability. Apart from music it is also used for downloading films and episodes of TV programs. Various applications similar to it have appeared, testament to its popularity worldwide.


Survey after survey has shown that Kazaa is the most popular file sharing client / P2P network today. The large number of users here means you have access to a wide range of files. Even with a lot of users it is still fast. Although old, it is still one of the best file sharing programs you can download on the Web. Even though there is competition elsewhere it has managed to retain its core following.


Bearshare has been around for a long time but it continues to reign as the favorite client on the Gnutella network. It is easy to install and doesn’t have any of the adware or spyware found in other applications. The menu and options are easy to learn and in spite of numerous versions has remained stable and isn’t prone to system crashes.


When the eDonkey application was discontinued, new clients appeared and the most popular one for this network is eMule. When you install the software you will see that it doesn’t have any ads or banners around. A feature that makes it one of the best file sharing programs today is its open source nature. What this means is that patches and utilities for the application are widespread.


Limewire is another long time favorite among users on the Gnutella network. Connecting to the servers is easy and the search engine is also efficient in getting the files you want. The interface has been streamlined. Users also like the speed with which you can download files, with very little dropped connections. Even with many features the software is very easy to learn.

As the Web evolves people will continue to distribute films, videos and more. By getting one of the best file sharing programs on the Net, you can get a slice of the action.

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